Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but we're on the same airplane so let's form an alliance, maybe?

The Twins convince the other four teams on their flight to agree that, if one of them comes in first, they will give the second Express Pass to the team that comes in second. Ooh, sly. They also say the agreement stays with the flight and they can't talk about it. A group fist bump seals the deal.


In Bora Bora, one team member has to skydive out of a helicopter. From 10,000 feet up you can actually see the curvature of the earth, it's awesome. Luckily no one with a fear of heights does this Roadblock.

Winnie, a Fearless Friend, takes the task. She says that she has to do all tasks related to heights and eating, and she got the crap end of the deal. She really did.

This Roadblock staggers the teams out a bit since only two can go up in a helicopter at the same time.

Motherhood prepared you for this

Right after the skydive, they head down to a beach covered in four hundred sandcastles. It's another Roadblock, finding a clue in a sandcastle. The catch is that they have to rebuild anything they destroy, and that sand is hot.

Whichever Twin takes this task is having a rough time. "Let the sandcastles talk to you," says his brother from the shade. "Shut up," he responds. "That's our code word for 'I love you.'" Right there, I'm on their side.

I need to stop calling them Twins, because my ears are still ringing from all the "Go Twinnie!" shouts from last season. Maybe I'll call them Team Doctor for a while.

Mullet Mom digs in, wishing her kids were there to build sandcastles for her. Meanwhile, Roller Derby Mom says she's built lots of them because she's a mom. I'll admit I'm with Mullet Mom on this one, make the kids do it.

An Alliance of Doom

After finding the clue in the sand, the teams have to attach a float to an outrigger canoe and paddle a mile across the lagoon to Phil at the Pit Stop. The Daters get there first, and immediately wonder whether they'll keep with the first flight alliance.

Team Hockey is in second place. Father/Son are third, but they are the second team from the alliance so they expect the second Express Pass. See, I thought it only applied if they were the second team to Phil, not the second team from the alliance. We'll see.

Fearless Friends are fourth, Roller Moms are fifth, YouTube is sixth, and Mullet is seventh. Team Doctor would have been sixth but their canoe tipped over and there was some water panic, but everything's fine now and they take eighth place.

The Newlyweds, Firemen, and Singers are left on the beach, the Firemen say they've been there for over three hours. They all decide to quit and take the penalty and have a foot/canoe race to Phil. Interesting! I've never seen such a big quitting alliance so close to the Pit Stop.

The Firemen say that they canoe all the time. Also, one of them has a baby at home. Also, they don't want to let down all the firemen in America. Do you see what I'm getting at? They capsize twice and get passed by the other two teams and they are eliminated. Too bad, they seemed like very sweet guys.

Next week: The faux friendliness from the second Express Pass gives way to conflict over how it will be given away! The teams are still in Bora Bora, and Father thinks he ruptured his Achilles. Well, that's not good.