The clue the teams have is a postcard with a picture of Coney Island. The Chipps and Texi get there first, and they find a place on the boardwalk that has the same view as the postcard. Then they look for red and yellow and walk around and look some more.

The clue is a giant poster on a fence, it features the Amazing Houdini, and has some smaller black and white rectangles saying to race to the Naval yard. So it's tricky, right? But it's also obvious. Those two teams run into the park and analyze everything while the Beekmans arrive.

Everyone wanders and stares for a while, but then suddenly Lexi, brilliant Lexi, sees the clue. She nudges Trey to the side and tells him not to write it down, but he does anyway. The Beekmans may or may not have seen him writing it down, but they see Texi take off, and then they notice the clue.

The Chippendales, sadly, are down on the beach. Maybe they're chatting with tourists for a bit. They see the Beekmans bolt, so they head back to the boardwalk and stare some more, until finally they see it. They say they're about 15 minutes behind. Eek!

I can do that upside down with two hands tied behind my back.

The Naval yard is a Roadblock dedicated to Houdini, an escape artist who performed a lot in New York. The person gets to wear a straightjacket and then be suspended, by their ankles, 15 stories above a dry dock. Once they break free they do a bungee freefall. So, basically, scary freaky stuff, right?

Lexi makes Trey do it, which must be strategy for later in the game because he is afraid of heights and doesn't like confinement. Twice the fear, Trey! 

Brent takes it for the Beekmans, saying he's not afraid of heights. Jaymes takes it, too, and he was thrilled about it because who doesn't like to escape from a straightjacket while upside down 15 stories up? Nobody, right?

I wonder what will happen if someone passes out, but no one does. Is it just that easy? Trey escapes, losing his Andre Agassi headband in the process but not freaking out at all. Brent escapes, then Jaymes escapes. It's getting close!

Final Leg pizza, no!!!

In another past Season, the final destination city was Chicago, and one task required teams to eat pizza. That's it. It wasn't even a giant family-sized pizza, it could have even been a single slice. It wasn't covered with insects or rotten eggs, either. Just, here, have some pizza. Least suspenseful final task ever.

After the Roadblock, teams are sent to the first pizzeria in America, and I panic. But no worries, no pizza will be eaten! Not even if they ask nicely. 

The teams have to deliver ten pizzas to three locations on foot, and they have to memorize the orders and addresses. Texi gets there first and finishes with no problems, because they have magical pixie dust.

The Beekmans arrive second and deliver incorrectly. Josh was in charge of the orders, Brent was in charge of the addresses, and Josh messed up. Brent is not happy. He's feeling the pressure, he can taste victory, and he brings it up a few too many times. They redeliver while the Chippendales arrive and deliver correctly. Ack!

Best final Roadblock ever!

Finally, the teams are sent to U.N. Headquarters. Throughout the Race, the greeters have said hello and goodbye in their native language. The teams paid attention to their clothing (past final challenges have been about hats), the scenery, maybe even the weather, but they didn't pay attention to the greeting. 

Unfortunately, now they have to identify hello and goodbye from nine countries, joining the correct hello and goodbye flags with the correct country flag. And I think there are excess greeting flags, so it's not entirely a process of elimination.

This is so great. Lexi takes it, and she gets France and Spain first. The Chippendales get there, and James takes it. The Beekmans arrive, they're two flags behind, but Josh takes it and soon everyone has France and Spain. Then ... it's all just guessing. 

They have to raise the flag each time they guess, so it's physical as well as mental. Lexi somehow drops a flag onto her head, which sets her off crying because it's hard and stressful.

Josh once again finds a strategy, he turns it into a math problem and just tries every possible combination. Suddenly he's pulling ahead.

Two and a half hours later, with the sun setting, Josh only has one flag to go. So does James! Josh finishes first, but James is close behind (he's not just a pretty face)! At this point Lexi freezes up and cries some more and possibly gives up, I don't know.

They're cab racing to the finish, which is inside Gotham Hall. Look, there's all the teams that Phil eliminated, including Rock On, who are no longer stranded in Russia! And the winning team is ...

Josh and Brent, the Goat Farmers, the Beekman Boys! Holy cow! I mean goat! And you know who's most excited? Abbie and her Boyfriend Ryan. They are literally jumping for joy at the sight of them. 

It's pretty darn cool. Now they can pay off their mortgage on the farm and Josh won't have to work in the city anymore, so they can live together on the farm happily ever after! They say that it goes to show that, no matter how down you are, you should never give up, and nice guys do finish first sometimes. Seriously.

Team Chippendale finishes second. I don't know how much money they get, but at least James's mom got a car. They say that now maybe the world will have a different view of Chippendales ... for better or for worse.

Texi shows up, too, and Lexi is still weepy. But they're in love. They talk about being ready for "the next step" in their relationship, but Trey does not drop to his knee and propose. Maybe if they'd won he would have.

And that's it, you guys! This was really a fun season, good job everyone. One final note, if you were wondering -- Phil's necklace is a maori fishhook made from bone, so you can get one if you're in New Zealand. Maybe. 

The next season starts on February 17, 2013, so mark your calendars!