Agent Morgan soon pieces the puzzle together, finds Jack’s trail of beaten victims and issues a Level 5 lockdown -- I’m not sure what that is but it sounds impressive.

Jack busts open a gas line, and with a few pulls of the trigger sets off our first explosion of the season. Still no casualties, but we’re finally getting some action. Agent Mrogan gets to Jack just in the nick of time ... or does she? Jack’s endless supply of special buttons triggers his accomplices to blow a hole through the roof, literally, as Jack & Co. escape in some random tradesman’s van. Typical Bauer.


JB Kill Count: 0

Explosions: 2

Lives saved: At least 1

So the president is losing his memory in the middle of very important diplomatic affairs. So what if it’s progressing more rapidly than his doctors expected? It’s OK, Jed Bartlet had MS but was still the greatest fictional president of ALL TIME. (With David Palmer as a close second.)

We now know Agent Morgan is the passionate one and Agent Ritter is the proud one. Despite her estranged husband’s treasonous acts, Morgan is to be reinstated to the CIA for being the only agent to remain within a step or two of Jack. Just think about how bad this will look for Benjamin Bratt if this incident doesn’t get contained. It looks like we have an old fashioned “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play.” 

Jack gives Chloe a set of very complex instructions and ultimately tells her to go somewhere she feels safe, but she’s totally stoned from whatever was in the IV. She’s going to be OK, right? We hope so. But it doesn’t seem like Jack and Chloe are on the best terms. 

Cut to a drone operator in Afghanistan. Wait, the use of drones? On Fox? News Corp will not like this!

Of course something goes wrong. Of course the technology has a mind of its own and targets friendly forces. (I imagine this will happen in real life when Skynet becomes self-aware.) 

But when the drone operator calls in his warning, commanding officers would rather argue with him than get to safety. Another explosion and we lead to our tri-frame of foreshadowing. Angry crowds gather in London, the President is alone with his thoughts in his motorcade and a shared frame by Katie Morgan and Benjamin Bratt. 

Some bad guy notifies another bad “it’s done.” What’s done?

12:00:00 P.M. 

There’s fallout from the previous hour. Agent Morgan is tracking down Chloe, but Agent Rittler is mad because his promotion is pretty much down the drain as long as Morgan is doing her job.

Some den of thieves receives Choloe back with open arms. These guys are straight out of CBGB’s. Turns out they were hacking the planet and Jack storms in ready to put an end to all of this. Chloe’s friends are some pretty hardcore dudes, Jack is finally yelling again.

Turns out one of Chloe’s hacker friends, Derek Yates, may be behind an assassination attempt on the president. Chloe agrees to help, but first Jack has to beat the crap out of their ring leader.

Chloe is awaken and springs back into her role as the most awkward defense analyst in the world...well, at least this world. She’s a bit upset at Jack’s lack of value in their friendship. A real friend would’ve asked if she was associated with a bunch of degenerates after breaking her out of a CIA compound.

I'm starting to suspect this mystery man may be our Derek Yates. And it seems he has a girlfriend, a very distracting girlfriend, who he’s trying to hide from his unknown employer. His boss seems concerned about his distraction level.