1. We learn that Gillingham has decided to marry Mabel Lane Fox (Mary hides her tears), and Edith states that she thought Gillingham was "quite keen" on Mary.

Mary: "Not for the first time you've gotten the wrong end of the stick."

2. After Branson says he feels totally out of place at Downton and is considering moving with his daughter to America, this exchange went down.

Branson: "I feel like an intruder, living where I don't belong."

Edith: "Welcome to the club."

Mary: "Oh, stop moaning."

Worst way to refer to a dead husband and baby daddy: Napier sums the situation up by just callinf it "ghastly business."

Most awkward way to woo Mary: Napier says that it's "lovely to see you looking so lovely."

Mrs. Patmore's fear of the future, Part 1: "I feel quite dizzy watching!" Patmore on a sewing machine.

Mrs. Patmore's fear of the future, Part 2: She's super-scared to get a refrigerator and throw out the old ice box, to which Cora asks, "Is there any aspect of the present day you can accept without resistance?" Patmore's cute reply: Getting rid of her corset. 

Understatement of the episode: Thomas says Anna is "incorruptible so we have nothing in common."

Molesley suicide watch: The level is high. When Alfred is away in London, Carson offers Molesley the footman job, and when Molesley is still insulted by lowering his status in the house, he goes home to think about it, only to swallow his pride and return in just enough time to miss out because Alfred didn't get the chef gig.