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'American Horror Story' recap, 'Edward Mordrake, Part 2'

“American Horror Story’s” Halloween two-parter wraps this week with the conclusion to the carny cautionary tale of Edward Mordrake, a Victorian-era man purported to have a second evil face (because, of course it’d be evil) on the back of his head, whose restless spirit could be summoned by performing on Halloween night. (Thanks a lot, Elsa and your Lana Del Rey song last week.)

All we know is, after a heart-to-heart with Ethel, Mordrake’s not interested in her. But someone’s supposed to get dragged to Hell this week. Who will it be?

The heart-to-heart tour continues. Edward Mordrake and his weird green smoke cloud accessory is still touring around the freak show, casually having lengthy heart-to-hearts with characters we barely know in an attempt to ascertain who’s getting a fast track back to Hell with him. He chats with Pepper, Legless Suzy and Paul the Illustrated Seal before arriving at someone we’re actually interested in: Elsa Mars herself.

Elsa assumes he’s there to make her a...

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'Top Chef' recap, 'Curse of the Bambino'

Ron Eyester is upset.

His team landed on the bottom last week and Joy Crump got sent home for serving raw veal. For some reason he is blaming it on the drama between Aaron and Keriann. He tells everyone in the stew room, “If we have another team challenge let’s make sure that we don’t act like *bleepin* children.” 

Frankly, I’d be more upset at whoever came up with the wonderful idea of putting vanilla in that dish. Wait, that was Ron.

Regardless, it gives the producers another chance to replay the shouting match from last week where Aaron said he could cook Keriann under the table. Because people shouting at each other is the foundation of any reality TV show, cooking or otherwise.

I wonder if there’s a sign in the editing room that reads: “Do not roll opening credits before postmortem stew room fall out!”

Next morning, we get to find out that Aaron isn’t really a bad guy. He’s just misunderstood. Let’s let Aaron tell us about himself and what makes him the lovable guy he is today....

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Neil Patrick Harris Joins 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

After Neil Patrick Harris voiced his desire to become part of "American Horror Story," he's officially joined the "Freak Show."

The host of the upcoming Oscars and his husband David Burtka will have a guest starring role in the current installment of the FX anthology, Variety confirmed Wednesday.

Harris will appear as a salesman in the last two episodes of the season, while Burtka will be involved in a storyline with Jessica Lange's character, Elsa Mars. In July, Harris admitted that he would love to join the horror hit, saying that he reached out to creator Ryan Murphy.

"I wrote a letter to Ryan asking if I can be in it, even though I wasn't even available to be in it," Harris told EW Radio. "To do one that involves any kind of freak, circus nonsense is going to be so unsettling to watch. Can't wait!"

Harris and Murphy last collaborated on a season one episode of "Glee," with Harris nabbing an Emmy nomination for guest actor in a comedy series for his role.

This development is only...

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'Survivor' recap, 'Make Some Magic Happen'

It’s a story night after the Tribal Council where Kelley was sent home. Dale, obviously, is upset, but I think he’s taking it a little far when he says that she was "slaughtered" in front of him.  He says he’s not going to give up until he can’t talk anymore, which means he’s probably going to get really annoying.

And yup, he is. He shows Jon his fake Immunity Idol -- to threaten him into keeping him, I guess? It looks like Jon believes him, so we’ll see what happens.

Over at Hunahpu, Alec and Jeremy are talking about what they’re going to have to give up in order to get more food. They don’t want to give up their roof or flint. Jeremy thinks they should all just suck it up until they win a reward challenge. I bet Jeremy has seen the first season of Survivor.

And up walks Jeff with a giant bag of rice. But what is it going to cost them? First Jeff needs to point out how much help they’ve needed so far, and it’s only Day 14. Jeff lays it out for them: in order to get the rice, they need...

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'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Halloween night

After a goofy and spooky opening of "Off With Their Heads" by Florence + the Machine, Len Goodman emerges from an upright coffin. Yay, Len! Oh, and Erin Andrews is back, too. The gang's all here.

Tommy Chong & Peta Murgatroyd, Quickstep

As Tommy takes a lot of breaks, Peta seems worried about how much time they're spending not dancing. This week has the first group freestyle, so Tommy has to learn two routines.

This isn't terrible. He misses more than a few steps, but it's not the slowest quickstep we've ever seen on the show. 

Len is happy that they've got a lot of "proper" ballroom dances this week. Me too, Len. He says Tommy is "easy on the eye" with a lot of charm. Julianne Hough says he was light on his feet for the kicks. Bruno Tonioli says he was good in hold, but Tommy lost it a bit out of hold. Carrie Ann Inaba recognizes Peta put in a lot of good foxtrot content. She says that she has to deduct points for some of the mistakes when Tommy lost the tempo.

Tommy tells Erin that...

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'Gotham' recap, 'Spirit of the Goat'

Gotham is a place for crooks and cynics, but certainly no heroes.

There’s no reward for doing good, only for going with the flow. This goes beyond the adage “no good deed goes unpunished.” The city itself viciously sacrifices those trying to save it.

“Spirit of the Goat” digs deep into the moral push and pull of being Gotham’s finest, starting with how Bullock became so cynical.

No one starts out that way. It takes a series of disappointments or one traumatic event. For Bullock, it was the latter.

Arriving at the scene of the crime of the first Spirit of the Goat murderer, Bullock valiantly rushed into the abandoned mansion without backup, to save the damsel in distress. His partner, Detective Dix, was attacked and became paralyzed.

Ridden with guilt, Bullock has since adopted his former partner’s motto: “Gotham’s golden rule: No heroes.”

Now Bullock, easily the most insufferable character on the show, has become likable. Imagine that. Mr. Lackadaisical, Slovenly Cynic has depth....

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