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'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Halloween night

After a goofy and spooky opening of "Off With Their Heads" by Florence + the Machine, Len Goodman emerges from an upright coffin. Yay, Len! Oh, and Erin Andrews is back, too. The gang's all here.

Tommy Chong & Peta Murgatroyd, Quickstep

As Tommy takes a lot of breaks, Peta seems worried about how much time they're spending not dancing. This week has the first group freestyle, so Tommy has to learn two routines.

This isn't terrible. He misses more than a few steps, but it's not the slowest quickstep we've ever seen on the show. 

Len is happy that they've got a lot of "proper" ballroom dances this week. Me too, Len. He says Tommy is "easy on the eye" with a lot of charm. Julianne Hough says he was light on his feet for the kicks. Bruno Tonioli says he was good in hold, but Tommy lost it a bit out of hold. Carrie Ann Inaba recognizes Peta put in a lot of good foxtrot content. She says that she has to deduct points for some of the mistakes when Tommy lost the tempo.

Tommy tells Erin that...

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'Gotham' recap, 'Spirit of the Goat'

Gotham is a place for crooks and cynics, but certainly no heroes.

There’s no reward for doing good, only for going with the flow. This goes beyond the adage “no good deed goes unpunished.” The city itself viciously sacrifices those trying to save it.

“Spirit of the Goat” digs deep into the moral push and pull of being Gotham’s finest, starting with how Bullock became so cynical.

No one starts out that way. It takes a series of disappointments or one traumatic event. For Bullock, it was the latter.

Arriving at the scene of the crime of the first Spirit of the Goat murderer, Bullock valiantly rushed into the abandoned mansion without backup, to save the damsel in distress. His partner, Detective Dix, was attacked and became paralyzed.

Ridden with guilt, Bullock has since adopted his former partner’s motto: “Gotham’s golden rule: No heroes.”

Now Bullock, easily the most insufferable character on the show, has become likable. Imagine that. Mr. Lackadaisical, Slovenly Cynic has depth....

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'The Walking Dead' recap: Hang on to that priest

The latest episode of "The Walking Dead," "Four Walls and a Roof," was very much a transitional episode. The climax occurred midway through, with the final wrap-up of the Terminus storyline, but what lies ahead looks every bit as grim as what came before.

So were there any surprises here? Yes, but not the kind we've come to expect.

The episode took place almost entirely in Father Gabriel's church and featured the final confrontation between Rick's crew and Gareth and his band of cannibals from Terminus. Guess who wins?

But though Gareth and company are gone forever, the real losers may have been Rick, Sasha, Michonne and Abraham. Because while Gareth and his people lost their lives, the others lost a little bit more of their humanity.

After outsmarting Gareth's ruse to split up the group (not a very clever or effective one), Rick cornered Gareth in the church and proceeded to hack him to death, along with his party.

Father Gabriel whispered, aghast, "This is the Lord's house."


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'Homeland' recap: Carrie moves fast to win over young asset

To track down a Pakistani terrorist likely plotting an attack on Americans, the CIA’s Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) must quickly win over a young and frightened asset on “About a Boy,” Episode 405 of Showtime’s “Homeland.”

Expelled college student Aayan Ibrahim (Suraj Sharma) is the gateway to his uncle, Taliban leader Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar). Carrie and her comrades initially thought they killed Haqqani in an airstrike. But he’s alive, 40 civilians are dead, and America’s relations with Pakistan are in flames.

Posing as a journalist, Carrie misleads Aayan into believing he’ll soon board a plane to London where he’ll receive asylum and admission to medical school. But after being seduced by Carrie to gain his trust, guilt-ridden Aayan wants to leave the safe house.

“You walk out that door, you’ll be grabbed up, disappeared,” Carrie warns. “Do you understand?”

Aayan reluctantly decides to stay put, knowing the viral video he recorded of the airstrike makes him a target of both the...

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'Scandal' recap: 'The Key'

Recently, "Scandal" has strayed further from its original case-of-the-week style, meaning the show’s signature shockers aren’t coming at their usual breakneck speed.

Instead, this season feels more like a slow build, which is refreshing and makes for richer, more natural storytelling.

For example, Liv’s friend Catherine is still in jail after having been arrested for the murder of her teenage daughter, Caitlin. OPA is looking into a dirty former D.C. police captain named Dan Kubiak who works security at the firm where Jeremy, Catherine’s husband, works. Kubiak was the man caught on an elevator security cam trying to snatch a mysterious folder from Caitlin.

Cool story, but what is really interesting is the fact that Olivia actually joins them on the stakeout.

Olivia. At a stakeout. In her designer clothes.

Quinn knows that something must be up. Shockingly, Liv opens up about what’s wrong. She thinks her “boyfriend” is avoiding her. No, honey. It’s so much worse than that.

But back to...

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'American Horror Story' recap: 'Edward Mordrake, Part I'

"American Horror Story" gets into the spooky spirit this week with the start of its annual Halloween two-parter. Over the past few years, we’ve had zombies and ghosts and Anne Frank, but this year's installment revolves around a very strange and very specific story.

The World Building Continues

Two more “AHS” regulars arrive this week: Emma Roberts and Denis O’Hare play a con artist couple selling “fake” relics to places like the American Morbidity Museum, which apparently exists. They’re caught out as frauds, but rather than having them arrested, the museum curator just complains about how the ease of free entertainment at home means times are tough for her establishment, too. She says that should the fraudsters manage to stumble upon something real, she’d pay them for it, and sends them off to see the freak show in Florida. Apparently, television really has been ruining people’s lives in literally every way possible.

Meanwhile, in Jupiter, we learn that the carnies are taking the...

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