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'Dancing With the Stars' season 21 cast announced

"Dancing With The Stars" is getting ready to twirl into its 21st season with a new cast of celebrity contestants, which was revealed the morning of Sept.

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Donald Trump is summer's biggest TV hit, and ratings gold for cable news

When NBC cut ties with Donald Trump after he made derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants during his presidential campaign announcement, the real estate mogul's career as a TV personality appeared to be over.

Instead, Trump has become the star of the summer's biggest TV hit — news coverage of his quest for the Republican nomination.

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'Tyrant' finale risks slipping back into creative quagmire

"Tyrant's" bid to win TV's equivalent of "Most Improved Player" honors ultimately fell short, as the second season's finishing kick slipped back into some of the quicksand that made the first disappointing.

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'Falling Skies' series finale yields more fizzle than fireworks

"Falling Skies" had been running on fumes for a while, frustratingly so in its final season, which should have been building up to a big cosmic comeuppance for the Espheni, the alien invaders who had blown much of humanity to smithereens.

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Syfy renews 'Dark Matter' and 'Killjoys'

Sci-fi space dramas "Dark Matter" and "Killjoys" will be returning for their second seasons, Syfy announced.

Based on the graphic novel by series creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, "Dark Matter" follows six people who wake up from stasis on a starship with no memory of who they are, where they came from or how they ended up on the vessel.

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'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Yacht date, marriage and Jaclyn arrives

Back in Paradise, everyone is hanging out half-naked by the water. Juelia, who hasn’t had the best time this season, and Tenley, the nicest person on the planet, decide to put their feet in the Ocean. Naturally, a jellyfish stings Juelia so she insists that Tenley pee on her. This definitely isn’t the first time someone has been peed on in Paradise, but it’s probably the first time it’s been intentional.

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