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'The Bachelorette' recap: Say goodbye to the show's only true gentleman

Yet again, we start the episode with a reminder that Kaitlyn and Nick, from Andi’s season, had sex and Shawn and his fancy socks can’t handle the pressure, making him a very bad combination of jealous and insecure.

Back at the hotel, the guys share their feelings on Cupcake Chris being sent home and agree things are only going to get harder, which is appropriate since tonight is supposed to be the...

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National Aquarium dives into Shark Week with live, virtual events

The National Aquarium is diving headfirst into Shark Week this year, partnering with the Discovery Channel to offer shark-themed educational events.

The channel's Shark Week, which debuted in 1988, drew more than 40 million viewers hungry for more information on the predators last year. Now, aquarium visitors -- in person and online -- can get in on the action.

Today through Wednesday, members of...

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'True Detective' recap: Brush with death sparks new life

Vinci Det. Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) experiences a rebirth of sorts after a brush with death. And career criminal Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn) turns increasingly violent in attempting to recover his ill-gotten wealth on “Maybe Tomorrow,” Episode 203 of HBO’s “True Detective.”

Ray thought he was a goner after being shot twice while examining the apartment where City Manager Ben Caspere cavorted with...

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Neve Campbell joining cast of 'House of Cards'

"House of Cards" is adding some starpower for Season 4 with Neve Campbell ("Party of Five") joining the cast as a regular.

The series, which has resumed filming here this month for a February drop on Netflix, ended Season 3 with Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) leaving Frank (Kevin Spacey) with an election looming. Both Spacey and Wright will return for Season 4.

Neither Netflix nor the producers are...

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Local Patrick Clark the star in episode 3 of 'WWE Tough Enough'

The Challenges: 

The first challenge on this week's "WWE Tough Enough" involved swimming through the Everglades, which they were told were infested with gators among other animals, to retrieve an NXT title belt and come back. Dianna was the first person to get back, winning yet another challenge. Tanner was once again the first guy back for the guys, but only because Josh didn't know where the finish...

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'The Bachelorette' recap: Shawn B. feels insecure and Kaitlyn is told to speed things up

We begin with two reminders that no one needed: first, that Kaitlyn and Nick from Andi’s season bumped uglies, and second, that Shawn B., fancy socks and all, is a very bad combination of jealous and insecure. And he didn’t even go to Princeton.

While Kaitlyn, Shawn and his fancy socks all sit on the same couch Kaitlyn and Nick were getting busy on the night before, Shawn asks Kaitlyn if she’s in...

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