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'Gotham' recap, 'LoveCraft'

“Don’t ever mistake bravery for good sense.”

That’s the lesson that Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon learned the hard way as nice guys. But as the only nice guys the city has, they tough it out and ignore good sense for the good of the Gotham.

“LoveCraft” takes us to the midseason break with a few major milestones for Bruce (first fight with a villain, first kiss), and a few major setbacks for Jim (no job, still no fiancé). Add that to some action-packed fight scenes and nail-biting cliffhangers — it’s everything you could want from a midseason finale.

Over the past few episodes, the writers have woven in more storylines about the Waynes’ murder. As we pull the thread to discover who killed them, it’s not clear when the mystery will finally unravel, but I’m glad it wasn’t in the midseason finale. It would have felt too abrupt to learn now.

We might not find out who was really behind their murder by the end of this season, and that’s all right. With how deep this goes, we’ll likely be...

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'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Season 19 finale, Part 1

Finale time! I'm back just in time. I'm predicting either a Sadie or Alfonso win and hoping for Alfonso.

When they show a picture of all four finalists next to each other, I start singing at my couch buddy: "One of these things is not like the other one." (As in, three young brunette women and Alfonso.)

Bethany Mota & Derek Hough


Bruno Tonioli has chosen for Bethany and Derek to redo their jive from week 1. When he comes to visit them in the rehearsal studio, he mentions the difficulty Bethany had with the transitions.

She looks like she might have forgotten a couple of steps, but overall it's fine. And her shoes are super-cute - pink and white t-strap spectators. Derek confirms to Tom that there was an issue with the set at the beginning (furniture not getting moved out of the way fast enough). But then Derek, pro that he is, gives praise to the normally good and hard working production crew.

Len Goodman loves it. Julianne Hough says she's focusing more on Bethany now than Derek...

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'The Newsroom' recap, 'Main Justice'

"I'm not sure how I feel about new, confident Maggie," says Jim, after his former flame gives him a verbal smackdown. Maggie, Jim, Don and Sloan are carrying out orders from Mac and Charlie as the episode opens.

In response to the FBI raid on their newsroom, ACN threatens to broadcast the FBI digging through their offices live. This was a well-executed bluff on ACN's part, as they had no intention of actually breaking in with live coverage of the raid. It works, though, and the FBI stands down. There was some typically good comedy in this scene, and more liberal use of four-letter words than I can recall in previous weeks.

Rebecca successfully negotiates a one-week ceasefire with the FBI, giving ACN some time to get their house in order. After a week, Will and Neal will meet with investigators, where they will be asked to tell everything they know about the classified documents that they were provided, without giving up their source. If the FBI can identify the leaker based on that...

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'The Walking Dead' recap: The storylines get 'Crossed'

After a few weeks where our merry band of survivors split up and the show spent entire episodes focusing on a single strand of the story, Sunday's episode, "Crossed," finally started bringing them back together. And if not all the characters managed to meet up again on screen, the show at least gave us an update on their whereabouts.

While it can sometimes be satisfying to forget everything else and drill down on one group of characters for an episode, unless you're binging after the fact, it can sometimes leave you feeling disconnected from the rest of the story. What were Rick and the crew at the church up to again? It's hard to remember since the last time we saw them was almost a month ago in "Four Walls and a Roof."

Daryl finally met up again with Rick and the church squad after his sojurn into Atlanta. He lost Carol, but gained Noah and a burning desire to go back and save her from the corrupt crew holed up in the hospital. Rick, who owes Carol big-time for saving him from...

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'Homeland' recap: Prisoner exchange part of far bigger plot

A nerve-racking prisoner exchange turns out to be a small piece in a much larger Taliban plot against Americans in “There’s Something Else Going On,” Episode 409 of Showtime’s espionage thriller “Homeland.”

Taliban commander Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar) has agreed to release his battered hostage, former CIA Director Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin), if the U.S. frees five high-value terrorists held at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

But Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), CIA station chief in Islamabad, correctly senses there’s greater treachery afoot. What she doesn’t know is that Haqqani’s primary goal is attacking the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan.

By the episode's conclusion, Haqqani and his thugs are poised to do just that as they rapidly make their way through a tunnel leading into the compound.

The tunnel’s existence was revealed by Dennis Boyd (Mark Moses), the treasonous husband of U.S. Ambassador Martha Boyd (Laila Robins).

Dennis surrendered this critical information because he’s being...

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'Scandal' recap, 'Where the Sun Don't Shine'

Olivia Pope is over her parents. Like, totally done. After their plan to capture Rowan went south, Fitz, Liv and Jake search all of his hideouts.

In the process, they find Maya Pope/Marie Wallace in the B613 torture hole. (Side note: After months in the hole, how is her hair still straightened? Did they have a stylist come down there twice a month with a flat iron?)

They take Marie to an interrogation room and grill her with questions about Rowan's whereabouts. Of course, she knows nothing and besides, she’s too busy trying to manipulate Liv. She tries to play on her sympathies by asking her if she saw the hole where Rowan held her.

When Fitz threatens her, Marie reminds him that her daughter is Olivia Pope and that they will sue them, quick as anything. Olivia says that she hasn’t been charged, which gives Marie a flash of hope.

That hope quickly dies when Olivia tells them to charge her for murder, terrorism and treason and to find her father and kill him. See what I mean? Over it....

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