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'America's Next Top Model' recap: 'The Girl Who Has a Close Shave'

The dramz got real this week between the guys and the girls. First, we learned that Devin, Mikey and Ashley have formed a clique called DMA.   I don’t know about you guys, but my friends and I haven’t named ourselves since high school. But, you know, extreme circumstances, I guess.   Anyways, we see Mikey and Ashley getting all romantic in a bubble bath with champagne, so that’s good for

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'America's Best Dance Crew: Road to the VMAs' comes to a three-way stop
'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Nothing says romance like wrestling in Mexico

Back in Paradise, Ashley I. — the virgin who looks like a Kardashian from Chris Soules' season and cries all of the time — and Joe, this season’s jerk, have found a new friendship. It consists of Ashley I. crying and Joe not caring at all. We spend the next eight minutes watching her cry because Jared, “Love Man,” doesn’t love her.

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'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: A dream is a wish Chris Harrison makes

Back in Paradise, we are reminded that JJ, the unexpected hero of this season, and Joe, this season's jerk, are brawling because Joe "played" Juelia, the single, widowed mother from Chris’ season by leading her on to get her rose, so he could stay on the show and date Samantha, the girl from Chris’ season that no one remembers.

Got that?

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'Fear the Walking Dead' series premiere recap: Fear and tension in L.A.

Zombies came early this year with AMC’s new spinoff series. Will "Fear the Walking Dead" live up to the popularity of its parent show? Will our new protagonists ever know what’s going on? Will the makeup crew get to make more than three zombies?

Only time will tell.

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'I Am Cait' recap: It's hard to hear Caitlyn say 'them' and 'they'

Caitlyn Jenner so far has been a lot about I, Me and My. The show's called "I Am Cait," for heaven's sake. But in this week's episode, she got schooled in the virtues of "we" and the problems with "they" and "them."

The fifth of eight episodes is bursting with pride festivals held one weekend after another: There's L.A. Pride, which Jenner did not attend. Next is Trans Pride L.A.

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