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HBO's John Oliver blasts media coverage of Freddie Gray

Satirist John Oliver took aim at media coverage of last week's unrest in Baltimore Sunday, gleefully playing clips of two national journalists interviewing hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons on the city streets.

Or at least, two clips of journalists who thought they were interviewing Russell Simmons.

In fact, they were interviewing Baltimore native Kevin Liles, a Woodlawn High grad, music executive and founder of the Kevin Liles for a Better Baltimore Foundation.

“It has been a delicate situation handled by the media with all the deft, not-at-all racist touch that they’ve become known for,” Oliver intoned. “Please watch as Geraldo Rivera greets someone as Russell Simmons who is absolutely not Russell Simmons.”

After showing case of mistaken identity #1, and reminding Rivera that “when African-Americans stand as one, that does not mean they’re all literally the same person, “ Oliver said in mock relief, “I suppose we should all be thankful that at least none of his colleagues made the same mistake.”


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'Mad Men' recap, 'Lost Horizon'

The advertising heaven SC&P staffers were promised is more like hell on 6th Avenue.

You can tell McCann-Erickson is miserable just from the décor. The walls are a dismal gray, offset by the harsh fluorescent lights and the stuffy mahogany furniture. It's the seventh layer of hell revisited from the sixth season.

For an agency that prestigious, you'd think they'd have more windows. (It's big news that Joan has one.) They should hire Meredith to redesign the whole layout.

And that's just the office. The people inside are so toxic they'd make the dreary paint peel.

But what a wonderful episode. Even at its cruelest moments (see: any chauvinistic remark hurled at Joan or Peggy), the writers balance Don and company's struggles with stunning cinematography, flawless direction and sharp dialogue.

If the final two "Mad Men" episodes match the quality of "Lost Horizon," it will redeem itself of all lackluster episodes from the past few seasons.

McCann-Erickson looks promising for Don at first....

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'Game of Thrones' recap: Rebels intensify efforts to topple Dany

Insurgents bent on ending the reign of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) in the city-state of Meereen launch a devastating attack on her troops in “Sons of the Harpy,” Episode 44 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.”

It’s the traditional start of fighting season when slaves once battled to the death, gladiator style. But Dany refuses to restore this barbaric practice, even though it could appease the masses.

Determined to bring back the old ways of slavery and fighting pits are the mysterious Sons of the Harpy. Concealing their faces behind golden masks, these rebels set a trap for Dany’s warrior-eunuchs, the Unsullied.

Dany’s soldiers, commanded by Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson), struggle valiantly — as does advisor Ser Barristan Selmy (Ian McElhinney). But when the carnage stops, all the men are dead or dying.

Ser Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), meanwhile, hopes to regain Dany’s trust after being exiled for spying on behalf of rival House Lannister. To demonstrate his loyalty to Dany, Jorah seizes Tyrion...

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Gang members tell Larry Wilmore their truce in Baltimore will continue
TLC show highlights Columbia-based bridal boutique

Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris have made the most of filling a void in options for full-figure brides with their Columbia boutique. Now the sisters are the stars of TLC's new reality show "Curvy Brides," which premieres tonight.

The duo opened Curvaceous Couture bridal salon in Columbia after Walker (pictured) struggled to find a dress for her own wedding.

Since launching their boutique in 2008, the sisters have amassed a roster of designers such as Enzoani, Allure Couture, Pronovias, Madison James and Maggie Sottero. Now, they are poised to be the next household name in the reality television universe. 

Last summer a pilot episode of the reality TV show aired in August, with a focus on "curvy brides [who] experience their dream of finding the perfect wedding dress."

According to Washingtonian, the duo filmed a dozen more 30-minute shows in October after a positive reception to the pilot.

The show follows the two sisters everywhere, from life in their Maryland boutique to their personal...

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'Survivor' recap, 'Survivor Russian Roulette'

It's Day 28 at Merica, and it looks like Dan and Sierra are now working together, which is a far cry from when he made her cry a couple of weeks ago. They scoff at the fact that Mike and Shirin have tried to tell them they are at the bottom of their alliance (they totally are).

Shirin and Dan talk about Will's treatment of her last week. She says that because of the verbal abuse she's experienced before, a man yelling at her is a trigger for her. Will went above and beyond the confines of the game, and his behavior is unacceptable.

Dan almost had me, thinking he was being supportive, until he started talking about her behind her back and calling her a drama queen and equating her actions with Will's. Now I get it: Shirin is annoying and likes to make everything about her. But I watched the episode, and I heard the things that Will said to her (editing monkeys notwithstanding) and Will behaved horribly.

Reward Challenge time! It's a team challenge, two teams of four. They need to transport...

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