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'Gotham' recap, 'Welcome Back, Jim Gordon'

Good to have you back, Jim, even if your coworkers don’t agree.

Jim’s on a mission to put every bad guy behind bars. But the bad guy this time isn’t the predictable super-villain or a mafia crony. Instead, it’s the most insidious and hardest to catch: a corrupt cop.

From start to finish, the fast-paced “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” traces the deep-seated roots of corruption in the GCPD precinct.

Jim and Harvey arrive at a crime scene in a warehouse with a body hanging from a machine. Arnold Flass, a narcotics cop you know is up to no good, is there to tell them that the victim is a low-level drug dealer.

It’s a “public service homicide,” Harvey quips.

Jim, as always, is determined to find justice, even when Harvey’s given up. As he’s searching the body, he finds mini blue drug bags in the heel of the victim’s shoes. Even more promising for their case is a witness who can ID the killer.

Don’t celebrate just yet. The informant is stabbed in the back with an ice pick as he’s waiting for the...

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'The Bachelor' recap, Farmer Chris and his sisters in Week 4

We first learn that tonight’s episode will feature a “sneak peek” into the new "Cinderella" movie. What they should have said is that this episode is a promo for the new "Cinderella" movie, but you know, they can’t give too much away.

As is typical, Chris Harrison starts with a dramatic introduction, reminding the women that Bachelor Chris is there to meet his wife and believes she is waiting in this room. He surprises them with this week's “unexpected plot twist” – Bachelor Chris is getting help from three “people that know him better than just about anybody … his sisters.” They all pretend they’re excited.


Becca, America’s Sweetheart, opens the date card to read to the room.

It reads, “Megan, Kaitlyn, Ashley S., Ashley I., Juelia, Samantha, Mackenzie, and Kelsey -- Let's do what feels natural… Chris.” And we learn that not only is this going to be a “sneak peek” into the new "Cinderella" movie, but also an episode of completely obvious innuendos. And more Ambien.


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'Downton Abbey' Season 5, Episode 4 recap, Love's labour's lost

With the exception of Isobel Crawley, most everyone on tonight's episode either gave or got bad news. 

Really, no one has been in really good spirits so far this season. Is the dog happy at least? 

But hey, there was a fashion show! And we did finally get to meet Mary's socialite nemesis, Mabel Lane Fox! And, as her name pretty much suggests, she was awful. 

Let's get right to the big bombshells.

Mary makes a break for it

Poor Lord Gillingham. It's not like we really enjoy him all that much, but he's not a terrible guy. Well, until tonight. 

Mary's just not feeling it, so when she goes to London to attend a fashion show, she decides to break the news to him in person. At a park. In front of a Peter Pan statue. I guess that's the way you cushioned the blow in 1924. 

Gillingham's not having it, and basically says that if a woman of Mary's social class sleeps with a man then it's expected that she will marry him. For her part, Mary seems taken aback but keeps her cool, even when he...

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'Looking' recap, 'Looking Top to Bottom'

Patrick is looking to his romps with Kevin, Dom is trying with Lynn, and Agustin is starting to use his new pal, Eddie, as a stand-in.

In this season's third episode of HBO's "Looking," aptly titled "Looking Top to Bottom," the three gay men at the show's center all seem to be searching for boyfriend material -- even if their choices at the moment, respectively, are an unavailable boss, a romantic partner with different ideas for the future, and a harmless bear who is up to the task socially, but maybe not romantically.

It's hard to know if any of the budding relationships taking form this season will last, or fizzle out, as Patrick, Dom and Agustin become more aware of the shortcomings in each.

Is Patrick destined to have his heart broken by Kevin, only to reconnect with Richie? Is Lynn looking for Dom to play the younger, dependent boyfriend, and will that cause Dom to sour on their relationship? Is Agustin's friendly interest in Eddie going to turn into a situation where Eddie is...

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'American Horror Story: Freak Show' finale recap, 'Curtain Call'

Much like “Coven” before it, the season finale of "American Horror Story: Freak Show" arrives with an overarching sense that the entire season can’t be browbeaten into cohesion in the space of one episode. Of course it can’t, but it’s pretty fun to watch Ryan Murphy and company try.

“Freak Show” has been, for the most part, a fun season – featuring more gasps, shocks and truly OMG-WTF moments than ever before – and the fact that it spends so much time drawing connections between itself and the seasons that came before it is worth the price of admission alone.

But is it a good season? That, much like the much-debated meaning of “freak” is probably best left to the eye of the beholder.

It’s Dandy’s world now. It’s a new day at Fraulein Elsa’s Cabinet of Curiosities and Dandy is in charge now. He’s made the freaks put up new banners proclaiming himself the star of the show, but shockingly enough, audiences aren’t exactly lining up to see Dandy belt out Cole Porter tunes.

The remaining...

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'Top Chef' recap, 'The Final Battle of Bean Town'

Ever wondered why Boston is called “Bean Town”? Me neither. But since this is the last challenge in Boston, Padma will give us one last local history lesson.

Apparently back in the day, the locals used to bake beans in molasses, and it was so prevalent that sailors could tell they were coming into Boston Harbor by the scent of baked beans. However, nobody can explain to me why these sailors didn’t just turn around and go home. Because molasses baked beans are not delicious.

The fact is, no locals nowadays use the term “Bean Town” and no one in Boston cares about baked beans. But we’ll do this challenge under the guise of “putting this dish back on the map.” Good luck with that.

The chefs will have one hour to come up with a dish that highlights beans. The winner gets a trip to Napa, because you really need to have some incentive to be excited about cooking beans.  Yes, we’re all so thrilled about this beans challenge.

This week’s guest judge, Wylie Dufresne, is one of the most...

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