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John Waters took over 'RuPaul's Drag Race' last night

Call it Divine inspiration.

Monday's episode of Logo's "RuPaul's Drag Race" could have been retitled "John Waters' Drag Race."

Waters, who turned 69 on April 22, was a guest judge on the episode, which challenged the drag queens to embody Waters' characters from films such as "Female Trouble" and "Pink Flamingos" in new musical sequences with lyrics inspired by Waters' films.

For example, a song called "Poo" was used during a re-creation of the infamous feces-eating scene from "Pink Flamingos."  One competitor went full-on Edith Massey-as-Mama-Edie. Another musical sequence was titled "Cha Cha Heels."

During the episode, RuPaul said that Waters' frequent star, Divine, is one of her inspirations.

The results got mixed results from Waters.

"You added a new layer of filth," he said, praising one of the contestants.  "I didn't even understand that you were supposed to be Divine," he told one of the drag queens. "You need ugly lessons," he told another.

"The struggle is real," RuPaul said.


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'Gotham' recap, 'The Anvil or the Hammer'

'Gotham" was pre-empted for some viewers by live coverage of rioting in Baltimore. The full episode can be seen at fox.com

The Ogre took his victim, but not in the one you’d think.

"The Anvil or the Hammer" had two major plot twists: one great, one bizarre and unsettling. Let's start with the latter.

Jim's still on the hunt for Barbara. Thanks to a lead, he discovers one of the Ogre's haunts, the Foxglove. Surprise, surprise, it's a kinky joint that's right up the psychopath's alley.

Jim calls in a favor from Penguin (sigh, again?), and Harvey scores an invite to the exclusive club. It's a raunchy scene, and quite frankly I'm surprised they got away with showing it on TV.

This club has everything: bondage, latex, gladiators, cosplay, a girl giving a milk bottle to a guy in a baby bunny costume and a hostess with a fancy mask to cover her nasty scar from the Ogre.

Wait, what? Yes, the baby bunny costume was weird (try traumatizing), but let's go back to that part about the Ogre.

The hostess...

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'Dancing With The Stars' recap, Eras Night sends a fan favorite home

"Dancing With The Stars" was pre-empted for some viewers by live coverage of rioting in Baltimore. The episode can be seen on abc.com

Tonight is "Eras" night, not that I have any idea what that means. I do know the opening number has the women dancers in evening gowns and the men in black tie. This works for me.

My thoughts as the competing couples enter: Chris Soules as a sailor works for me, Nastia Liukin is dancing with Sasha Farber instead of Derek Hough, and Mark Ballas has been sharing his drugs with the costuming department again.

Some quick news from Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron: Tonight's highest scoring couple will get immunity from tonight's elimination, the rest will have a "dance-off." The reason Sasha is filling in for Derek is that Derek was injured during rehearsals last week. And last but not least, due to a scheduling change, the network asked the show to move the double elimination week to next week, instead of tonight. Got all that?

Riker Lynch & Allison Holker


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Bruce Jenner and the shifting dynamics of TV's transgender moment

The stakes are high for Bruce Jenner, who in a highly anticipated interview airing Friday night is expected to reveal to Diane Sawyer what many have long speculated — that the 1976 Olympic champion is now identifying as a transgender woman.

But the ramifications go beyond Jenner, an American celebrity who’s spent decades in the public eye. For an estimated 700,000 transgender Americans, the interview is a milestone in how TV and the media continue to consider transgender people and issues.

Join our live discussion Monday at noon PT about the interview

Other breakthrough moments on television dramas and reality series have led to a perception in recent years that attitudes toward the transgendered may be shifting.

“We’re no longer just a punch line for comics, or just limited to that sphere,” says Dana Beyer, a transgender rights advocate and executive director of Gender Rights Maryland. “Stories about us are now of interest to the mainstream media, and not because we’re special but because...

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'Mad Men' recap, 'Time & Life'

"They keep telling me their future's in California."

California has always been a magical place where "Mad Men" characters can leave their mistakes behind to start over. At least, that's what they hope.

It's surprising, if not slightly disappointing, that the theme of starting fresh should revisit nearly identical stories from previous seasons. For the most part, "Time & Life" was reminiscent of the season three finale, "Sit Down. Have a Seat."

"Mad Men" refresher course: McMann Erickson was set to acquire Puttnam, Powell and Lowe, of which Sterling Cooper was a subsidiary. Don and crew wanted no part of that. So, they secured all their clients in secret and broke away to create their new agency, SCPD.

Now, SC&P has already joined McMann Erickson, but they kept their employees and their deluxe two-floor office in the Time & Life building. That is, until the soulless McMann Erickson stopped paying rent.

Not because they're deadbeats — they'e making SC&P move into their office. They're devouring...

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'Game of Thrones' recap: 'The High Sparrow'

Tyrion kidnapped! Arya learning to become an assassin! A beheading!

"The High Sparrow," the third episode in this season's "Game of Thrones" season, had a lot of interesting plotlines.

Foremost, in the show's final moments, Jorah Mormont kidnapped Tyrion to take him to Daenerys. This could be really, really bad for almost any other character. But methinks Tyrion is clever enough to talk himself out of almost anything.

Next, Arya got acquainted with The House of Black and White, the legendary school for assassins, and that, my friends, is some badass training. She has to disown her old self to become a face-changer and got slapped around for not really doing that.

"I am ready. To be a faceless man. To be no one," Arya pledged. She had to throw all of her possessions into the sea, but couldn't bring herself to get rid of Needle, the thin blade given to her by Jon Snow.

Meanwhile, Arya's sister, Sansa, was paired up with the cruel psycho Ramsay Bolton. First Joffrey, now this: poor girl.


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