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Justified 'Cash Game' recap: Two ends against the middle

For a town supposedly on its death bed, Harlan County sure has a bunch of people interested in its future.

After a premiere that seemed interested in laying the track for the Raylan-Boyd confrontation that appears destined to mark the end of "Justified," Tuesday night's "Cash Game" takes a minute to introduce us to faux-property baron Ty Walker and his band of ex-military goons, a crew who could easily put Raylan or Boyd in the ground long before they can finish their own rivalry.

"Cash Game" is a perfectly adequate episode of "Justified," but it really stands out to me for repairing two of Season 5's largest flaws. The fleshed-out introductions to Walker, his child-brained leg breaker "Choo Choo," and Sam Elliot’s crime boss character do plenty to erase the stain left by the Crowe clowns from last year, while Ava’s dangerous game of pinball between Raylan and Boyd make her scenes instantly tense and engaging, a complete 180 from last year’s prison storyline.

Walker isn’t the first...

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Delighted to have 'The Americans' back on FX and the dark streets of D.C.

“The Americans” returns tonight for the start of Season 3 on FX, and I’m right back in Ronald Reagan’s America with Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) Jennings.

After decades of writing about TV, it still pleasantly surprises me how I can lose track of a fine TV series after its season ends and then, after watching only a few seconds of the new season, be pleasurably transported back to its fictional universe. And it feels like I never left.

Some fast update without spoilers:

The pressure builds on Elizabeth and Philip to start socializing their 14-year-old daughter, Paige (Holly Taylor), to becoming a “second generation” spy for the motherland. And Elizabeth and Philip don’t exactly agree on how to handle this.

Stan (Noah Emmerich) gets some news on Nina (Annet Mahendru) and some advice on living in the moment.

And Special Agent Gaad (Richard Thomas) gets a very bloody nose.

I have been trying  to figure this series out for two years.

Part of the success involves some...

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For TV watchers, the past has never been hotter

The past has never been bigger on TV than it is today. From Norsemen invading England circa 800 in "Vikings" to Chinese immigrants heading to Orlando circa 1990 in "Fresh off the Boat," series set in the past are all the rage.

Some, like AMC's 1960s drama "Mad Men," are known for their scrupulous devotion to historical accuracy. Others, such as Starz's 18th-century pirate adventure "Black Sails," take a more liberal interpretation. But in all cases the series revel in their settings.

Of course, tales of the past always have enthralled audiences. "The Iliad" and "The Odyssey" were stories from long ago even when set down in the eighth century B.C. Shakespeare's first surviving play was about Henry VI, England's ill-fated king from a century earlier.

So in some ways it's surprising that TV shows set in past eras haven't been more common. But before the era of high-definition, it rarely paid off to make the investment in period sets and costumes.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, Westerns...

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Wednesday's TV Highlights: 'The Americans' on FX

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The Mentalist Abbott's (Rockmond Dunbar) career will be over unless Jane (Simon Baker) can pull off a complicated scheme. Robin Tunney and Tim Kang also star. 8 p.m. CBS

The Middle Frankie and Mike (Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn) search for second jobs to help pay Sue's (Eden Sher) college tuition. Brock Ciarlelli and Alphonso McAuley guest star in this new episode. 8 p.m. ABC

American Idol Auditions continue in this new episode. 8 p.m. Fox

SoCal Connected This new episode investigates the effect of global warming on a local ski area and other businesses. 8 p.m. KCET

Nature The new episode visits the Antarctic...

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From Sia videos to 'Dance Moms,' 12-year-old dancer steps into pop culture fame

PITTSBURGH Fame might well be fleeting, but Maddie Ziegler is keeping pace.

It has been quite the year for Maddie, who has a global following from her appearances on Lifetime's "Dance Moms." She dwells in that fuzzy realm of reality television, which often crosses from "actually real" to "not-at-all-real," but there's little doubt her star is ascending.

"I have a lot of hopes," said Maddie, 12, who lives in Murrysville, Pa., with her mom, Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni, little sister Mackenzie and stepfather Greg Gisoni. "But I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone in the future."

Here's a start: Maddie, her mother and sister are in Los Angeles for three weeks shooting "Dance Moms." The show starring studio owner Abby Lee Miller will shoot in Ireland next month. Then it's on to Australia and more time in Los Angeles as Miller works on establishing a West Coast version of her Abby Lee Dance Company.

"It's crazy; I feel like I spend more time on airplanes or in the car than at...

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Duff Goldman 'Ace' of two Food Network shows now

At the start of Duff Goldman's new Food Network show, "Kids Baking Championship," which premieres next week,eight pint-sized pastry-chef contestants are lined up onstage to meet their co-hosts, Goldman and actress Valerie Bertinelli.

As the two make their entrance and approachthe kids, a trembling boy whispers to the child next to him, "I didn't think they were real."

I don't know about Bertinelli, kid, but Goldman is definitely real.

The last time I saw Goldman, back in 2011, he was winding up the last season of "Ace of Cakes," the Food Channel show that made him TV-famous, and was about to open a new bakery in Los Angeles as a complement to the home office in Baltimore. He held nothing back about the life passage he was navigating.

I asked him if he was nervous about the big L.A. gamble, and his unprintable answer involved being so "scared" that bodily functions were altered.

With Goldman, you get it raw with almost no showbiz blah-blah-blah.

And so it was again when we reconnected...

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