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It's real: 'Full House' will be reincarnated as 'Fuller House' on Netflix

It's official: "Full House" is coming back to TV. Or more accurately, to Netflix.

The streaming giant confirmed Monday that it has ordered 13 episodes of "Fuller House," a reboot of the 1987-1995 ABC family sitcom about a widower (Bob Saget) trying to raise three daughters with the help of two male friends.

John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse in the original "Full House," will reprise his role, as will Candace Cameron-Bure, who played eldest daughter D.J Jodie Sweetin is also coming back as middle daughter Stephanie Tanner.

Jeff Franklin, who created the original series, is likewise returning.

Stamos also confirmed the news on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Monday night, saying he had just "sealed the deal" minutes before he went on the show.

We were trying to do some sort of spinoff, we wanted to give credit to the legacy, we didn’t want to just sort of throw it away," he said. "It starts off as a reunion that then spins off."

He told Kimmel the idea has been in the works for years: "We've been...

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'Gotham' recap, 'Under the Knife'

The Ogre is on the loose, and Jim is on the clock to find him before he finds Leigh.

But Leigh isn't the loved one the Ogre has chosen to use as retaliation against Jim. That would be Barbara.

Social media doesn't exist in "Gotham," so he can't go based off a Facebook relationship status to see who Jim's with.

Instead, the Ogre discovers an old picture in the newspaper of Jim with Barbara at a charity event.

The Ogre finds Barbara at a bar and seduces her. She invites him back to her place, and he's ready to kill her until he discovers she tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend.

"If a bus hit me tomorrow, no one would care." Sheesh. Breakups suck, but it does get better, Barb.

Even with if she's unwittingly giving him the green light to kill her, the Ogre realizes that killing her would have no impact on Jim. So, he hides his knife and leaves — for now.

But there's something she says that sticks with him: "Once you see the real me, you would run screaming like everyone else."

At first...

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'Dancing With The Stars' recap, Spring Break week

It's "Spring Break" week. I'm not even sure what that means except for gross things like wet T-shirt contests, beer funnels and parents having to deal with kids out of school/daycare for five days straight. The opening credits are all swimming pools, sand, surf and ice cream cones. Except for Miss Patti LaBelle, who's sitting like a lady with her fan open and fluttering. She's my role model, y'all.

Two rounds tonight: Individual dances and then the first team dance of the season.

Patti LaBelle & Artem Chigvintsev


Artem didn't have spring break because he grew up in Russia, and Patti didn't have a spring break because she's from back before that sort of thing went on.

Patti starts out on a chaise longue and is helped up by a couple of pool boys. Again, my role model. They have four backup dancers with them, and I really don't like the backup dancers. It's one thing for one pro to tone themselves down to make the star look good; it's another thing to have five of them running with...

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Glen Burnie man Food Network's top 'All-Star'

By the end of Sunday's finale of "All-Star Academy" on the Food Network, the tension inside of the Redemption House Life Center church was so thick one could filet it with a knife.

At least 60 people came to the Glen Burnie church to watch member Joseph Harris compete for the Food Network show's $50,000 grand prize. After encountering technical difficulties throughout much of the broadcast, the crowd was dead silent as Harris stood as one of two final contestants in front of celebrity chef Curtis Stone, the show's guest judge.

Harris, 27, born and raised Glen Burnie, narrowly made it to the final moment. Co-contestant Vanessa Craig had been judged as making the best dish in the previous two rounds of the show.

Harris' last shot at taking home the grand prize came down to a white striped bass with anchovy butter and a Sicilian-style broth. Stone had criticized Harris' fish as not being crispy enough.

"The winner of 'All-Star Academy' is," Stone said in his thick Australian accent, before...

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'Mad Men' recap, 'The Forecast'

"Mad Men" goes from dwelling on the past to looking toward the future. Don's outlook? Not so good.

At least in in the advertising world.

"The Forecast" goes beyond Don's uncertain future and explores the goals of fan favorites, like Peggy, Joan and Sally. It's a refreshing change from the endless loop of overplayed and dreary themes from recent episodes.

Roger has Don writing a speech on what the future has in store for their company. "Reasonable hopes and dreams," Roger says. "It doesn't have to be science fiction."

It should be an easy assignment, but for once we see Don struggle with writer's block. How can he speak to the future of the company when he's unsure about his own fate? Or his own interest in his job?

Don never discusses his own dreams, but he hints that advertising isn't in the cards for him. Any of his coworkers' dreams that involve the workplace makes him bristle.

"Bigger accounts ... that's your dream?" Don sounds crushed when he asks Ted for his aspirations. He's desperately...

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'Game of Thrones' recap: 'The House of Black and White'

The “Mad King” Aerys Targaryen II was a terrible ruler. Think King John “The Bad” of England. Or Saddam Hussein. Or Pol Pot.

Aerys was insane. He was paranoid. He burned people alive and laughed (insanely).

Daenerys Targaryen, whom is believed to be Aerys’ only surviving child, is just starting to learn about her father’s infamy.

In “The House of Black and White,” the latest episode of HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones,” Dany is trying to avoid being like daddy dearest. Instead of mercilessly crushing the insurgent group Sons of the Harpy, she promises to give the murderers fair trials. When one of her soldiers takes it upon himself to execute an insurgent, Dany has her soldier executed as well as punishment.

This decision, carried out in public, causes the people of Meereen to begin rising up against her, hissing (yes, actually, hissing like snakes) and throwing rocks.

Later, Dany’s missing dragon, Drogon, returns to her side ever so briefly, before flying off again. She’s finding her dragon-children...

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