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'House of Cards' recap, Season 3, Episode 10

Frank's campaign continues in Iowa, but the only topic that interests participants in town hall meetings there is the Jordan Valley.

Frank doesn't want to do the town halls if he's only going to face questions he can't answer, so he'll continue to campaign there but only do his stump speech. He asks Remy to work on getting the upcoming debate there postponed, as well.

Claire is dealing with the chaos in the Jordan Valley as well, meeting with representatives from Israel, Palestine and Jordan. She is pushing for an end to Israeli and Palestinian violence there, and wants Russia to draw down some of their troops there as well.

Israel institutes a no-fly zone over the region, threatening to shoot down any Russian aircraft that would enter the airspace, even supply planes, meaning that this situation is coming to a boil.

"Keep your no-fly zone," President Petrov says, addressing Israel. "I will be flying through it, nevertheless. Shoot me down, if you wish, because nothing can stop me from...

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'House of Cards' recap, Season 3, Episode 9

Frank's campaign is underway in Iowa. Tom and Kate Baldwin are there as well, but they're spending their time in cheap motels, getting to know each other in the biblical sense, while Frank stumps.

Frank is speaking to an assembly when Claire interrupts, telling him that eight Russian troops have been killed in the Jordan Valley. This is crucial because the Russians had just finally gotten on board with the peacekeeping mission and now their troops are dying there. This is trouble.

Gone girl
Gavin meets with Doug, and he has some bad news. He's found a Jane Doe dead in Tucson whose prints match Rachel's. Doug calls Seth, and leaves him a voice mail, demanding to speak to Frank. After, he falls off the wagon and almost gets into a fight in a bar.

Petrov's problem
Russia's troops were killed by an IED, but Russian investigators won't allow U.N. representatives near the blast site to investigate it themselves. Frank speaks to Petrov on the phone, attempting to smooth things over. "Let's show...

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'Looking' recap, 'Looking for a Plot'

The best thing about this week's episode of HBO's "Looking" was that it gave viewers more insight into Doris' family history and past -- and Dom's as well, by extension.

We go to their home town. We see the people who surrounded them as they grew up. And we learn about their past together -- namely that they used to be just as inseparable as they are now, but also used to make out and have sex.

I've been waiting for a Doris-centric episode. I thought it would be more happy-go-lucky, but this still worked (even if it did limit all the Patrick-wallowing I was looking forward to).

At least the episode starts off just as I imagined it would, with Patrick holding his head in his hands in shame as his friends all give him the "you were a mess last night" look that we've all seen or given around mid-morning brunch tables after big nights out.

I thought, OK, here we go. Patrick's going to spend the rest of the episode crawling around the city making awkward apologies to Richie and Kevin and...

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'House of Cards' recap, Season 3, Episode 8

There's a storm coming, Mr. President.

After raiding FEMA's disaster fund to finance America Works, Frank finds himself in trouble when a massive hurricane threatens 12 states. In response, Congress offers to replenish the fund, and then some, but as long as Frank won't use the funds for America Works purposes again.

Frank is reluctant to sign what would probably be his pet program's death warrant. He asks his cabinet to try to scrape together some funding from their departments, but if they can't he will accept Congress' offer, even if it means the end of America Works.

Meanwhile, in Iowa

Heather Dunbar is on the campaign trail promising to raise the minimum wage, among other things, and her campaign seems to be gaining steam. Doug suggests that she meet with Jackie Sharp to discuss a plan for what to do when the storm makes landfall.

Heather suggests suspending their campaigns and encouraging donations to the Red Cross. She suggests making a joint announcement and appeals to Jackie's...

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'House of Cards' recap: Season 3, Episode 7

Things are strained between the Underwoods after their Moscow trip. We flash forward to the couple renewing their wedding vows a month later, but even then, things seem different between them.

Frank chalks this up to their fight, where they said things that can't be unsaid to each other. He opens up about all this to Tom, the author writing his book, one night. 

I don't like this one bit. The best part of this show is Frank and Claire, united and wreaking havoc. 

"I can't believe we've become this," Claire says.

"We're not a team at the moment," Frank says, after embarrassing Claire in a cabinet meeting. 

Doug and Gavin

Gavin meets with Doug and tells him that he has found Rachel in New Mexico using traffic cameras and asks for his passport. Doug tells him he'll give it to him only when he delivers an address. 

When not monitoring Santa Fe traffic cameras, Doug is hanging out at a going away party for his physical therapist. That party turns in to a sleepover. 

Killing Social Security


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'House of Cards' recap, Season 3, Episode 6

Frank and Claire are on their way to Moscow to meet with President Petrov, have Michael Corrigan released and to put the Jordan Valley discussions back on the table.

Frank is using the flight to work on his book, and stressing over the talks with Petrov. Claire asks him to relax, and shows him the Northern Lights outside Air Force One's window.

After they arrive, Frank and Petrov get to work while Claire goes to personally oversee Michael's release. That plan hits a snag when Claire asks Michael to read a ridiculous statement, apologizing to Russia for breaking their laws and for being himself.

The statement, Claire says, was a condition of his release. Among other things, the statement says, "I regret my part in exposing minors to nontraditional sexual attitudes."

Michael refuses to read the statement. Claire tells him that he doesn't have to believe the words, he just has to say them. Michael still refuses. Claire tells him that they will drag him back to the United States if they...

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