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'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Clare looks to shake things up (already)

Before we begin, I need you all to do something. Tonight, for the first time, we were shown the show's introduction credits for the season. If you watch nothing else your entire life, you have to watch this. The only word I can use is "embarrassing." It’s a good laugh, if nothing else.


Now, on to the show. Night two starts right where we left off, with Clare, who really stirred things...

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'Bachelor in Paradise' recap: Meet the contestants

If you thought the "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" seasons were ridiculous, you’re not only right, you’re also in for a treat, because "Bachelor in Paradise" is out of control. And I am happily here to recap every bit of it for you. You’re welcome.

Each week through the summer, there will be an episode on Sunday night and another on Monday night, followed by a live after-show with Chris Harrison and...

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'True Detective' recap: Now it's Ani and Ray against the world

Special investigators Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams) and Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell) find comfort in each other’s arms as they come close to solving a bizarre torture-murder case and exposing widespread government corruption stretching from Vinci to Sacramento.

The odds of Ani and Ray achieving justice – or even living out the week, however – grow increasingly slim on “Black Maps and Motel Rooms,”...

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'The Strain' recap: Mexican wrestling, vampire killing in 'The Silver Angel'

The Master is indisposed, presumably licking his wounds in some dank tunnel below New York City and prepping for a leap into a new body.

So we haven’t seen him, in his crispy-around-the-edges state, for a few episodes of FX’s hit thriller “The Strain.” But he looms large over this hour, not showing himself physically but making his presence felt in a couple of instant-classic scenes.

First, he hijacks...

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Top 27 Baltimore mentions on 'The Daily Show'
Sasheer Zamata on 'Saturday Night Live' and surprising audiences with her stand-up

When Sasheer Zamata joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” early last year, controversy and criticism surrounded the sketch-comedy institution.

A national conversation about the show's lack of diversity had grown increasingly louder, and Zamata — only the fifth black female cast member in “SNL's” 40-year history — became the embodiment of a pop-culture debate, whether she liked it or not. So Zamata...

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