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'Top Chef' recap, 'Big Sausage'

You know that feeling of jealousy in the pit of your stomach when you see a woman that is seemingly so unattainable suddenly melts and flirts with someone who is obviously better than you?

Yeah that’s the feeling 99 percent of us had watching host and judge Padma Lakshmi playfully flirt with New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski during this week’s QuickFire Challenge.

First, Padma tells the strapping football star to call her “honey.” Then we get this exchange:

“I eat a big sausage,” says Gronkowski.

“Me too!” Padma follows without missing a beat.


Because Gronkowski is a big man (6’6”, 264 pounds), Polish and enjoys "a big sausage," the QuickFire this week is to create an inventive sausage dish from scratch. The chefs will have an hour and the winner gets immunity.

At this point everyone’s sticking with their strong suit. Gregory’s doing a Chiang Mai-style sausage with curry mix, fish sauce and lemongrass. Mei’s going Asian as well, adding some ginger, garlic and...

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'Survivor' finale recap, 'This Is My Time'

Well, this is it. Time for the two-hour finale. Jon just got ousted, so who is the new favorite to win? I love the dark horses, so I’m going to have to go for Keith. Or Natalie. I’d be OK with that, which is strange, considering I couldn’t stand her at the beginning of the season.

I guess I’d also be alright with Jaclyn, because she’d be doing it without Jon. So, basically, I’d be OK with anyone but Missy and Baylor winning. Baylor wouldn’t even be so bad. Ha. So just Missy, then. Yup. Don’t want her to win.

Back from Tribal Council, Jaclyn is trying to play it off with a smile, but that quickly disintegrates, and soon Natalie and Jaclyn are shouting at each other because Jaclyn is offended by something Natalie said (which was true) about how Jon played the game. Blindsiding’s not so much fun when you’re on the other end, is it Jaclyn?

Baylor is trying to think positive about their chances for the final three, but Missy isn’t so sure. Basically, since Missy is hurt, she doesn’t think...

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'American Horror Story' recap, 'Orphans'

“American Horror Story” takes something of a break from its recent string of relentless and grisly murders to offer up a somewhat more emotional installment (though it’s still pretty gross, actually; it’s “AHS” after all) that draws the most explicit connections between series installments “Freak Show” and “Asylum” yet.

It’s also the best episode of the season so far. By a lot.

More sad times at Fraulein Elsa’s. The episode opens with the death of Salty, Pepper’s husband and partner in their act. Unlike almost everyone else on this show, he actually perished of natural causes and died in his sleep. Pepper is inconsolable and falls into a deep depression. Elsa’s beside herself with worry and even tries to break off her deal with Stanley. He promises to help out by handling the details of Salty’s funeral for her, which is apparently code for “chop the head off the body and sell it to the American Morbidity Museum” since that’s what he does.

Elsa, who is still wandering the freak show...

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And 'The Voice' winner is ...

Never underestimate the power of the country vote on “The Voice.” In what may be considered an upset victory, Craig Wayne Boyd carried off the Season 7 crown on Tuesday night’s finale results show. 

If Boyd’s big win didn’t come as a surprise to you, it certainly seemed to do so to Adam Levine, who had practically anointed his own contestant, Matt McAndrew, on Monday’s performance show, saying at one point that the shaggy-haired, bespectacled contestant was “not even done winning yet.” 

A tattoo artist somewhere may have already been readying his equipment to check the empty box on McAndrew’s forearm, which the singer had vowed to complete when he nabbed a record contract, but the arm tat will have to wait – at least for today. 

As it turns out, it was Boyd, the sole member of Blake Shelton’s team to make the finale, who wasn’t yet done winning. 

On Tuesday night -- after a two-hour finale featuring all manner of performances by current and past contestants, coaches, and visiting...

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'Homeland' recap: Plot twist propels drama toward season finale

In a season full of surprises, Showtime’s “Homeland” saved one of the biggest ones for “Krieg Nicht Lieb” as this penultimate Episode 411 called into question the status of Taliban commander Haissam Haqqani (Numan Acar).

Is he still America’s most-wanted terrorist for masterminding a slaughter at the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad? Or have American officials at the highest level negotiated a cynical agreement with Haqqani and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency?

Kept far away from the decision-making loop are Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), the CIA station chief in Islamabad; and her politically-damaged-beyond-repair boss, CIA Director Andrew Lockhart (Tracy Letts).

“Is there something going on I should know about?” Lockhart asks Carrie on a phone call from Washington. “They’re shopping for my replacement. Obviously no one tells me anything anymore.”

But something is definitely up between the U.S. and the Pakistanis, Lockhart insists, as evidenced by hastily called meetings at...

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'The Newsroom' series finale recap, 'What Kind of Day Has It Been?'

The final "Newsroom" opens with Mac making a call outside Charlie's funeral service. She has some news, it seems.

Inside the church, she asks Will if he remembers the night before he went to prison, when the power was out at their place. She leans in to whisper the news to Will. "What?" he asks. "You heard me," she says. "No, your mouth was moving but you didn't make sounds," Will replies. I'll miss this show if only for banter like this.

Mac and Will are having a baby.

That opening scene sets the table for a flashback to three years earlier. Will was much meaner then and still obsessed with being a ratings machine, before he set out on his mission to civilize. It's written into the DNA of this show that you can't be both popular and good, which you have to accept as truth to watch the series. I reject that notion, but we're way past the point of diving into that here and now.

In our flashback, Charlie takes Will out for drinks and asks him if he's ever thought of having children of...

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