Then it was time for the final touches. The participants rolled little balls of clay under the animals' mouths to shape their facial expressions. They pushed ball-headed pins into the eye sockets and used wires to adjust the guinea pigs' limbs.

Kim Kelly, 36, posed her guinea pig with one paw raised.

"I wanted him to be regal, for people to bow down to him," the Upper Marlboro resident said.

Nikki Diamantopoulos posed her guinea pigs with legs outstretched, as if flying Supeman-style.

Leeann Hoerr, a 31-year-old office manager from Bel Air, said she thought her 7-year-old daughter would love the winged guinea pig. She planned to keep it in the bookcase where her family displays special pictures.

"It's your own design," she said.  "Your own doll in animal form."

Go rogue

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