"American Horror Story" is one of your favorites.

"American Horror Story" is one of your favorites. (FX)

This week, we asked about your favorite new TV shows. Here's what you had to say.

•••• “Two Broke Girls”: How did such a raunchy show sneak into primetime? Love it. --Dylan Kates via Facebook

•••• “American Horror Story”! --garrotsmith via Twitter

•••• “2 Broke Girls,” “Person of Interest” and “Ringer” are the ones I can’t get enough of! --Emily Way Sizer via Facebook

•••• That show that comes on after “Modern Family” on ABC [“Happy Endings”]. --mo_rease via Twitter

•••• “The New Girl.” Hilarious. --Antoinette Joan via Facebook

•••• “American Horror Story” is the best new fall TV show, hands down; it’s my new religion. --desultoryvixen via Twitter

•••• “Once Upon a Time” is smart, whimsical and delightful. Not to mention, the strong women it features are a definite bonus. --Sarah Weissman via Facebook

•••• “Up All Night.” --kimberlytpalmer via Twitter


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