Clean living or vices: One of my vices is making a mess.

Shop or save: Shop!

Optimist or realist: I like to dream, but I'm not in a dream world.

Work out or workaholic: Definitely workaholic

Liberal, moderate or conservative: Depends, but mostly liberal

Up at dawn or up at night: Both. I usually fall asleep as the sun rises.

Clubs, bars, black-tie events or homebody: All of the above!

Cuddler or need space: Depends!

Dancer or spectator: Spectator, but I'm not the type of guy who stands against the wall at a bar with his arms crossed and looks at girls dancing … anymore ... .

Sports, arts or both: I don't like sports. They are too competitive.

Outgoing or shy: Can I be both?

Rom-com or action thriller: I had to Google what a rom-com stood for. I thought it had something to do with anime at first.

Fashion sense — big deal or who cares: As long as what you are wearing is clean and appropriate

Marriage and kids — sooner, later or never: Later, unless there's an accident

Heidnseek event you can find me at: Any live music event that Heidi hosts!

Trisha Benton

27, Virgo

Lives: Baltimore

Hometown: Baltimore

Education: Salisbury University