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September's Top Singles

Check out Michael Milan and Melanie Blasetto, two singles looking for love.

Michael Milan

36, Virgo

Lives: Parkville

Hometown: Baltimore

Education: University of Baltimore

Occupation: Medical device sales (spine implants)

Interests: Socializing, home improvement, auto racing

Best personal traits: My smile. Many refer to me as “Smilin’ Milan”

Worst personal traits: I'm a perfectionist and a procrastinator. I wait until the last minute to make sure that everything is perfect.

Turn-ons: A woman with a great sense of humor, a kind heart and confidence

Turnoffs: Smokers, drug users

Last movie you saw: “Friends With Benefits”

Ideal date: Heading to the indoor shooting range for some exciting stress relief, then to a hip restaurant such as Pazo for a romantic dinner.

Speed Round 

Morning person or night owl: Night owl

Live to work or work to live: Live to work. My job is stressful yet [it’s] so very rewarding to see people leave the operating room without the condition that had left them with deformity or in pain.

Beer, liquor or wine: Any of the above, depending on the occasion.

Talker or listener: It’s tough to keep me quiet, although I am a great listener and a sponge for information!

Cooking in or dining out: Dining out. I love to check out the hot new places in Baltimore!

Republican, Democrat or Independent: Republican

Leno, Letterman, Coco or Chelsea: Jimmy Kimmel

Melanie Blasetto

29, Leo

Lives: Baltimore

Hometown: Gibbstown, N.J.

Education: Towson University, Seton Hall

Occupation: Licenced psychotherapist

Interests: Spending time with friends and loved ones, getting to explore new places, meeting new people and learning new things.

Best personal traits: My outgoing personality, seeing the positives in life

Worst personal traits: When you're awesome you don't have bad traits. ;)

Turn-ons: Confidence, ambition and a sarcastic sense of humor

Turnoffs: Insecure and clingy individuals

Last movie you saw: “Cowboys & Aliens”

Ideal date: Ideal dates are usually something casual, such as a great conversation and laughs over a good meal or cocktails.

Speed round

Morning person or night owl: Night owl

Live to work or work to live: Work to live

Beer, liquor or wine: Liquor

Talker or listener: Talker

Cooking in or dining out: Dining out

Republican, Democrat or independent: Depends on the candidate

Leno, Letterman, Coco or Chelsea: Leno


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