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Raise Your Glass: Bluecoat Continental Cosmo, Adam's Eve Gastropub

I'm not ashamed to admit it: I love a good Cosmopolitan.

I like to order the sweeter, flirtier cousin to the Martini for when, you know, I don't want to end the night on the floor. Sure, it still conjures images of Carrie Bradshaw traipsing around Manhattan — or the immature sorority girl trying way too hard to emulate her at a bar. But a Cosmo, the right Cosmo, can be playful and fun.

So imagine my intrigue when I spotted a gin-based Cosmo at the newly opened Adam's Eve Gastropub in Canton: the Bluecoat Continental Cosmo. Not only does the presence of small-batch Bluecoat gin immediately up the class factor, the remaining ingredients, including notes of blood orange, pomegranate and ginger, come together to create a spicy cool-weather treat.

The "Gastropub" is usually a paradox of unassuming; Adam's Eve is no exception here. The bar staff is friendly and casual, while the menu is a polished, inventive blend of food and drink. The cocktail menu, which general manager Dwight King calls "a growing, rotating collection," utilizes fresh and organic ingredients as well as homemade infusions. Be warned — try the first cocktail that jumps out at you and you may return to find it absent the next night. The Bluecoat Continental, however, seems to have staying power.

The base ingredient, Bluecoat Organic, is a true juniper gin. Forget the light, floral trends of gin as of late — the other herbs present in Bluecoat all take a backseat to the juniper. The result is a light citrus gin with a peppery finish. King wanted to build around the spicy taste of the Bluecoat by playing with warm, bittersweet flavors. To the Bluecoat goes Solerno Blood Orange liqueur, Pama Pomegranate liqueur and Kai Lemongrass Ginger Shochu (a Japanese spirit similar to vodka). At first I was wary of the number of ingredients, but the aroma and finish of this drink is surprisingly unified into a spicy floral kick.

Rich, luscious and full, the Bluecoat Continental Cosmo is a more refined version of the standard vodka-based Cosmopolitan. It still looks the same, but you'll actually feel sophisticated sipping this one.

How to Make the Bluecoat Continental Cosmo

2 parts Bluecoat Gin

1 part Solerno Blood Orange

1/2 part Pama Pomegranate

1/2 part Kai Lemongrass Ginger Shochu

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

Where to Get the Bluecoat Continental Cosmo

Adam's Eve Gastropub

3326 Foster Ave., Canton



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