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What to bring to the Baltimore Bike Party

If you decide to ride this month's Bike Party (5 p.m. Friday at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, 1901 Falls Road), there are a few items you shouldn't forget to bring.

Volunteer coordinator Adam Hull has been helping organize the ride almost since the start and suggests the following:

• A spare tire tube, levers and a small wrench.

"We ask people to bring those in case you have a flat tire," says Hull. "Even if you're not able to repair your own tire, someone can hopefully help — but they need to have the tools to do it."

If your mechanical problem is too big to fix during the ride, there are usually volunteer Zipcar vehicles following along in back to pick up stranded riders and their bikes.

Otherwise, organizers carry phone numbers for taxis.

• Lights. You'll need a white headlight and a red rear light or reflector.

Organizers also encourage cyclists to bring glow sticks and reflective disco balls, as well as noise makers, horns and whistles.

"We want to have fun with it as well," says Hull. "When little kids are waving on the sides of the streets, we like to honk and wave at them."

• A positive, friendly attitude.

"We do have confrontations sometimes," says Hull, referring to some motorists. "People do get angry at us because we're in the way and they'll go and they'll get out and start fights."

Hull says organizers encourage cyclists to remain courteous and respectful throughout the ride.

• A costume (Friday's theme is "Western"). Not in to dressing up? "If you don't have a costume, please come anyway," says Hull.

• A bike lock and cash for the after party and a hydrating drink for the ride.

"We don't want people getting dehydrated and passing out," says Hull.

Sarah Richards

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