TV shows you can't get enough of?

"Community,""30 Rock,""It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,""Boardwalk Empire,""[The] Walking Dead"

Favorite book you recently read?

Reading a lot of theater/acting literature. Favorite would have to be "The Lee Strasberg Notes." About to start "The Hunger Games" — I'm sure I'll enjoy that as well.

Best way to unwind after a long day?

Actually going back to the library to get something good to read. So I would say a good book.

Any physical challenge that has scared you?

[Laughs] No way. I worry about winning and everything else is secondary.

Last great meal you had?

[I recently] had a smoked salmon egg white omelet with onion and dill. Fried potatoes and corn bread on the side. Could go for that again.

Food you hate?

Have always hated mashed potatoes. The smell makes me gag.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore?

Anywhere is good. Really haven't been old enough to drink in Baltimore but love Power Plant and Mother's in Fed Hill.

Favorite thing about Baltimore?

My family for sure. Gillman school, Harbor Place, Power Plant live, crab cakes, Baltimore Ravens.