Why you shouldn't use ice picks to get eyelashes out of your eyes

The Walking Dead "Internment" (Gene Page/AMC / July 2, 2013)

Hey, now we're talking! Sunday night's episode of "The Walking Dead" — "Internment" — really delivered some action and plot development.

It also delivered some comedy gold, as King of Comedy Hershel held court while performing dental surgery.

"I hereby declare we have Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday, first thing we need to acquire is some pusketti."

That genius line still has me going. Who is he? Steven Wright? Mitch Hedberg?

That line was so brilliant cause it was packed with two jokes: first, Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday?? Wait, what?? Is that like the joke when you tell your friend you'll treat them to Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday? Second, we're gonna need to acquire some spaghetti. Uhh, yeah, I'd say so!!

It wasn't all laughs and Spaghetti Dinners this week though. In fact, at times it was the most opposite thing possible of laughs: that is, blood pouring out of people's eyes.

It looked like things were about to start getting really bad when all the folks inside the prison were getting really sick, and that's exactly what started happening. By my count, eight humans succumbed to the mysterious illness in this episode: most notably Dr. Caleb.

Not to mention the breach in the fence that allowed a whole crowd of zombies to break into the prison. (Breaking INTO a prison? What a country!)

I think I've waited long enough now to get to the big cliffhanger this episode left us with: the Governor is back! And looking more menacing than ever, I might add.

So what is the Governor going to do? Just hang out there sitting in camping chairs and playing tailgate toss with his cronies?

Or is he planning an attack. If he's planning an attack, this is a great time to do it because the prisoners all have their hands pretty full. And what is the Governor's motivation? Pure revenge, or does he actually want the prison for himself. I don't know if the prison is the most desirable place to be right now.


With Carl they make you just assume that every child raised in the zombie world is going to automatically become an adult overnight. But then Lizzie — or should I say Lizzie BORDEN — comes along and proves otherwise. There's something off about Lizzie. She's got "issues."

First she starts luring Charlie — the do-it-yourself dental surgery zombie — along like it's a pet dog or something. She even calls it boy. Then she smears her little boot around in a pool of blood like she's stomping in puddles of rain or something.

Who knew Tom Sawyer was such a subversive book?

I'm no child psychiatrist, but I predict that Lizzie is going to cause a lot of trouble before she does anything productive.


"Oats in the Water" by Ben Howard


Maggie's body armor is so bad ass! And she's pretty good with a gun. *swoon*