Whatever facial hair related contest they're having in the prison, Hershel is winning with his wispy eyebrows and moustache with the pointy ends.

If Hershel turned into a zombie and bit someone he would get a bunch of blood in his beard and have Ric Flair hair. (Thanks P-Con!)


Hershel: "I hereby declare we have Spaghetti Tuesday every Wednesday, first thing we need to acquire is some spaghetti."

Hershel: "It's hard in here but we're holding it together. We're gonna make it. Don't you believe that?"

Rick: "There's a bunch of fruit leather in there, just have everybody brush their teeth after."

Hershel: "Doctors make the worst patients."

Caleb: "Look at it Hershel, how's it look?"

Rick: "When we get past this thing, it's not gonna be like how it was, is it?"

Hershel: "A sad soul can kill quicker than a germ."

Winner: Hershel! Good comedy bits Hershel.


Probably when Dr. Caleb zombie was peering out of its cell all glossy eyed and Hershel was like "Oh, you wanna peek around like a peeping Tom all curious and inquisitive? Well here, I got something for you to peep at." and he started shanking Dr. Caleb in the eye ball.


There was that one from the prison fence breach who was laying on the cement all frail and its face was only half a face and its eye was bulging out like "MUUURRRHHH" and Rick just smashed up its head.

The roadkill zombie that was just hating life laying on the side of the road getting feasted on by wild Irish Wolfhounds was pretty awesome too.


Zombies: Somewhere around 40, counting those when someone was a human, then turned into a zombie, and then got killed again. Wait, I'm confused. We're up to more than 185 on the season.

Humans: I counted eight — gurney man, Dr. Caleb, tea man, Charlie, father and son, blonde girl and other girl — for 19 on the season, but I have a feeling I'm missing some.

A look ahead to next week's episode, "Live Bait"

The Governor is camping out outside of the prison with his Ozark Trails tent and glaring menacingly out of his one good eye while plotting his revenge.