And then Tyreese is like "Check yourself baby girl, you're still hung up on trying to ice the Governor." And she's like "True, true..."

Michonne also flirts with Daryl a little bit. It's fun to play gossip girl and try to figure out who Michonne is going to hook up with. At first I thought it would be Rick, but now I'm wondering if it could be Daryl, or Tyreese, or Harshel? Ooh, I love gossip! And leftover Halloween candy.

The veterinary college has some of those bloody eyed zombies that have been showing up at the prison fences. So apparently the new strain of the zombie virus is spreading.

But the real drama with Group 2 comes when Bob is caught with a bottle of hooch. As was hinted at earlier this season, Bob has an alcohol problem (and no, not that funny party joke where you're like "I have an alcohol problem, I'm out of beer." but like a real chemical addiction) which he had in check, but is slipping again.

I was thinking of what other funny things could have been in Bob's backpack that he risked his life trying to save. Like what if it popped open and there were a bunch of Beanie Babies or old issues of Penthouse. What other funny things could be in there? You tell me in the comments, it's your chance to come up with funny jokes!

But the booze situation is so bad that when Daryl tries to chuck the bottle out, Bob reaches for his gun. Then Daryl gets SO up in Bob's face! Like, if you haven't seen it, he's not just up in his face, Daryl is like pressing his nose against Bob's forehead and making the meanest sneers. If I was Tyreese or Michonne I would feel so awkward because Daryl was seriously invading Bob's personal space.

So that's where we're at. See, not that much happened! All right, there are only four more episodes until the midway break. What is actually going to happen in that time? Because I think they need to start making some moves soon. Like maybe all of these sickos in the prison will turn and flush all the normals back out onto the highway? I think the Governor has to show his face again soon. Is Carol really on her own or will she just come back to the prison anyway? Is Glenn really turning, or will the meds cure him? Come on "The Walking Dead," hook us up with some answers and some action.

What was that rock Daryl was studying at the end of the episode? Kryptonite?


So this week's episode continued "The Walking Dead" tradition of introducing new characters as quick-turn-around zombie fodder.

They're cool, and they have fruit: apricots and peaches. They call walkers skineaters. SICK!!!

A little background on our shortlived new friends. Poor Ana was played by Brina Palencia, a 29-year-old actress known primarily for her voiceover work in anime and video games.

Sam is played by Robin Lord Taylor. I don't know much about that cat, except that he started acting in 2005 and he was in an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit". He likes to wear a stoner poncho (don't tell Daryl!) and when Carol fixes his dislocated shoulder he had a really funny reaction.

Rick and Carol found Ana's severed leg, and then the rest of her carcass being consumed by animated corpses. Sam is missing in action. Now this is a real mystery. What do you guys think happened? Did Sam cut off Ana's leg cause she got bit, and then run away? What the heck??


Lizzie doesn't understand the difference between turning into a zombie and aging. And she sees Carol as her mother, which Carol doesn't appreciate. Lizzie is almost like a mini-Carol. Can we all pretty much assume that Lizzie was the one feeding rats to the walkers through the fence?


I don't know who decorated some of those houses that Rick and Carol were looting, but those were some fugly home furnishings. Now, my house has some pretty tacky crap laying around, especially in the basement, but even I was scratching my head at those places. Lisa Quinn would not approve. From the weird apple stickers on the cabinets to that unusual stacked jungle animals wooden statuette there was some wacked out stuff going on in there.


Remember when Daryl hocks a Luigi on that dusty window and clears a spot, and some zombie hands immediately pop out? That was a good spook. It reminded me of a haunted hayride. Shout out to Legends of the Fog! I went on Saturday and it was awesome!