Rick (Andrew Lincoln) REALLY needs to mow his lawn...

Rick (Andrew Lincoln). (Gene Page/AMC / February 17, 2013)

Holy Hannah! What the heck was all that you guys?

Axel is dead (Good night, sweet prince), the Governor strapped it up and gleefully squeezed off rounds on the prison stronghold, Glenn is having major leadership and relationship issues, and Daryl and Merle cut their Oregon Trail LARPing adventure short to return to cell block C.

Also, Merle peed on a tree and he and Daryl spit everywhere.

Were they suggesting that Merle and Daryl had huge, fat lippers in, or are they just saying that backwoods people love to spit all the time?

I think that a good mobile game would be a Merle Trapping Small Woodland Creatures game.

Do I have to comment on the whole Lori spectre thing again? This time she was standing near the graves all spooky like, and Rick eventually walks right up to her and we see her pretty face again and everything. But what's the point? It's all in Rick's head so there's no real payoff.

I think now that the bullets are whizzing around again he'll just snap out of it anyway.

The Governor has initiated a transfer of power from himself to Andrea. But is he fa'real, or just messing with her mind?

Well there will also be some water cooler talk tomorrow about when Daryl slammed the trunk of that Subaru onto the zombie's head. My big question was why did he have to mess up the car? He really ruined the upholstery of that thing when he could have just made that mess out on the road.

And then what was going on with Milton? What's in that tea he's always drinking anyway? He was acting very bizarre and awkward. I bet hip people in Woodbury call him "space cadet" all the time because he's always spacing out and acting like a weirdo.

He's sitting there in his labratory playing Virtua Boy and listening to dolphin mating calls when that jock the Governor comes in and is like "HEY NERD!"

Here are a few of the unusual things Milton stammers in this episode:

  • "I was trying to induce a medita-ta-ta-tative state. I'vebeenhavingtrouble. Your battery, it's over here..."
  • "I ... thank you … I feel … me too."
  • "You! ... startled me... "
  • "I'm not sure ... I, where he is, I mean, not whether it's a question or an answer it wuzzun answer."

Speaking of crazy people, we saw Rick reach a peak of craziness when he was standing outside the prison gate doing that bit where he hugs himself and makes making out sounds and pretends that he's playing seven minutes in heaven.

Hershel is like, "Oh Rick, won't you stop acting all batty out there and come back inside and eat a hearty bowl of Dinty Moore stew?"

I bet that Rick is going to slowly start to regain his grip on the frayed ends of sanity now that there is a direct threat for him to focus on and react to.

Daryl and Merle's story arc also bears mention. I thought that the scene where they rescue that family being assailed by the zombies at the bridge was pretty cool, just because it's neat anytime you meet new characters. What were those guys speaking, Italian? Does anyone know what they were saying?

I'm pretty happy that Daryl and Merle have come back to the prison. Not so much because I'm a huge Daryl fan like everyone else is, but because we'll probably get to see more Merle.

I found the scene where Daryl almost ditched Merle very touching. Merle starts to get a little choked up. Michael Rooker acting FTW!