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Readers' best and worst gifts ever

We asked readers their fondest gift memories and their, uh, not so fondest. They did not disappoint.


My son born [on] Christmas Eve. -- Candie Bwc Hinton via Facebook

ONYX hoodie! -- Anastasia Styles via Facebook

My family being together. -- Jayson Davis via Facebook

Divorce. -- Adolf Kowalski via Facebook

A Rolodex. -- Antoine Campbell via Facebook

Being born. -- Jim Goods via Facebook

My favorite gift was a bread machine. -- Karen Brocato Zorn via Facebook

My oldest daughter Crystal. She was born Christmas Day 2003. -- Russell Borden via Facebook

Nook. -- Mary Decker Brown via Facebook

The gift of time. Nothing like spending time with those that appreciate you. It is a gift you cannot take back to the store. -- Sheila Jacobs via Facebook


Barack Obama hoodie with the words “First Black President” on the back. Christmas 2009 ... never forget.
-- Jazzmen Tynes via Facebook

A necktie that played Xmas music or a circular slide rule. -- Adolf Kowalski via Facebook

I got Barney footie pajamas from a family friend. I was 17 at the time. -- Kayloni Wyatt via Facebook

My husband (ex now) got me a T-FAL set, toaster, blender and flatware one year. UGH. -- Candy Wolfe via Facebook

A Darth Vader keychain and some jewelry from Claire’s (the kids store). My boyfriend and I were 25 at the time. -- Meredith Lucas via Facebook

Astronaut food. -- Katie Blaha via Facebook

Deodorant. Do I have to say more? -- Shawntez Garrett via Facebook

My former friend regifted a fuzzy bright orange sweater from her aunt. *spew* -- Vanessa Michel via Facebook

Christian-based society. -- Elijah Alenier via Facebook

Some generic Hot Wheels cars. -- Doug Trace via Facebook

Store-bought fruit cake! -- Debbie French via Facebook

A seatbelt for my dog. -- Kate Driscoll via Facebook

A stuffed dog holding a McDonald’s gift card for $10. -- Ashlee Manson via Facebook

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