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Kim and Kanye's baby, the best Twitter reactions

Because during a concert in Atlantic City is the best way to announce a pregnancy, Kanye West let it slip to the world on Sunday that his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, is expecting.

It was before a crowd at the Revel, and a historical plaque marking the occasion is certainly in the works. In the meantime, we found the best reactions to the news on Twitter. Enjoy!

"Does Kim know she can't return a baby after 72 days?" — @kdkeane

"Most pregnancies last about nine months, or about four marriages in Kim time." — @TheSoup

"Kim and Kanye are having a baby, finally the Death Star has a good enough reason to destroy Earth." — @DepressedDarth

"And as the sperm entered the egg, the faint sound of an E! contract being signed could be heard within the womb." — @JesseLasky

"ppl with #Kimye Mayan jokes, you're about 9 hours too late." — @1chicklette

"New poll: What random, inanimate object will #KIMYE name their spawn after" — @scottgurrola

"Hillary Clinton was hospitalized today, but let's all keep talking about #kimye. Good job, America" — @danaexmachina

"BREAKING: E! To start reality show to see who is the best aunt: Kourtney or Khloé. Spoiler: they both lose." — @bmizner8

"Kim Kardashian is pregnant? Can't wait for the E! Special. Maybe this time they'll actually shove a camera up the vagina" — @kingsleyyy

"Kim Kardashian's baby will be the 2nd thing that her vagina has given birth to. The 1st was her career" — @funnybrad

"Why I have no faith in America: we care more about Kim Kardashian's pregnancy than the fact that tomorrow all income taxes increase by 10" — @bvdabeas

"Everyone can just go ahead and thank @KimKardashian now for ruining 2013 before it even starts" — @Eric_Bader

"A girl on the train genuinely just said "Im more excited for Kim Kardashian's baby than my own!" There is no hope for humanity." — @GeorgeBeverley

"Asked for a quote on Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, Bruce Jenner said "Muesli! I'm maaade of Muesli!" before falling asleep on the hallway rug" — @rilaws


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