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Jen Royle Q&A: 'You have to say enough is enough'

Jen Royle is the co-host of "Baltimore Baseball Tonight" on 105.7 The Fan. 

b: What caused a Boston native who covered the Yankees for years to make a stop in a third AL East town?

JR: After the Yankees won the World Series in 2009 I knew I was ready for a change. I had been to Baltimore several times with the Yankees and was also a guest on Anita Marks’ radio show as a Yankees reporter... so I was familiar with the city and the market. It was important for me to stay in the American League East and be close to my family (Boston) and friends (New York City) so accepting a position in Baltimore was a no-brainer.

b: How is the transition to NFL reporting treating you?

JR: Very well. I absolutely love covering football. I’m not blaming my radio station but last July I was told I was being pulled off baseball and I had to go to Ravens mini-camp. I had never stepped foot on a football field and I had limited knowledge of the sport. With that being said, I’ll be the first to tell you I made a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately, I made them on the air. I was completely overwhelmed and for a hot minute didn’t think I was going to survive the Ravens season. But I studied, put in the necessary work, paid attention to detail and wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I had no problems asking Derrick Mason or Chris Carr, “Hey, I don’t understand this. Can you please explain it to me?” The media was also very helpful because they understood I had a baseball background and was thrown into the fire.

I learned so much last season covering the Ravens and I cannot wait for my second year.

b: Your last blog for seemed quite emotional. Was it scary putting yourself out there like that and really expressing how you felt?

JR: No. it wasn’t scary at all. I am an emotional person and I’m not afraid to tell people how I feel. I also built a lot of relationships with fans on that blog and I’ve shared the birth of my nephew and other personal things with my MASN readers. So telling them how I felt about leaving wasn’t difficult at all. I also wanted to get my point across to those who sent in comments that were non-baseball related. I can’t stress enough how thick my skin is, but at some point you have to say enough is enough. We are all human beings in this world with real feelings. Being attacked personally because somebody disagrees with your views on baseball is just wrong on so many levels.

b: Between YES, MASN, 105.7, where did you have the most fun?

JR: All three were completely different experiences. I’m going to say YES only because I spent seven years covering with the Yankees and experienced a World Series championship, the closing of the old Yankee Stadium, the opening of the New Stadium and many more amazing memories.

b: What would your dream job in Baltimore be?

JR: I have it.

b: How well-versed have you become in the social media world?

JR: I’m pretty well-versed. I’m a twittering fool. I have an iPhone, an iPad and I’m on top of every new gadget out there. I now have a public Facebook page so I can keep my personal page private for friends and family. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to stuff like that.

b: It’s a Friday night, you just finished up a show, Jen Royle will most likely be in... Canton, Fed Hill, Fells, home, etc.?

JR: Most likely home. I don’t have a lot of friends here and I’m no spring chicken anymore. I’m a bit of a home body and to prove it, I definitely spend way too much on rent.

b: Steamed crabs, pit beef, or Natty Boh? Which is your favorite Baltimore delicacy, or have you not gotten around to trying them?

JR: I’m addicted to steamed crabs. I have had medium, large, jumbo... at I believe seven different places. Sometimes I find myself begging people to go eat crabs with me. I just love them.

b: What job is more fun, covering a Ravens game or spending a week in and out of the O’s clubhouse?

JR: There is nothing like covering a Ravens game. Nothing. I’ve covered enough baseball in my career... I’ll take a football game over a week in a baseball clubhouse.

b: Which is more fun, sitting in the stands at Camden Yards or M&T Bank?

JR: I’ve never sat in the stands at M&T so I’ll have to say Camden Yards. I love being a fan/spectator at any baseball game so I probably would have said Camden Yards anyway.

b: Top 3 things on your Baltimore Bucket List?

JR: The aquarium, a day trip to Annapolis (does that count?) and a weekend at the Eastern Shore (did I say that right?)

b: Pitching duel or slugfest?

JR: Pitching duel. No question.

b: Homers or web gems?

JR: Web gems. Without a doubt.

b: Peanuts or hot dogs?

JR: Ooh... peanuts.

b: More important stat: ERA or Wins?


b: In 2011, the Baltimore Orioles will win ___ games?

JR: 83

b: In 2011, Mark Reynolds will have more: RBI or strikeouts?

JR: Strikeouts

b: In 2011, Vlad Guerrero will have more: homers or years in his age?

JR: Years in his age

b: In 2011, the Most Valuable Oriole will be:_____?

JR: Nick Markakis

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