Oh, it's on!

Oh, it's on! (Getty / October 3, 2012)

We love presidential debates: the theatrics, the clearly rehearsed talking points, moderator Jim Lehrer! But we also love the chance it provides to drink (we’re talking about watching politicians talk for 90 minutes, here).

So here’s b’s official 2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game ™. Because sometimes you need a little booze when listening to politicians talk about domestic issues back and forth.

Drink if:

Osama bin Laden is mentioned (even though the debate will focus on domestic policy).

If Obama smirks and looks downward when Romney criticizes him.

“Main Street” and “Wall Street” are used in the same sentence.

Ronald Reagan is mentioned

Bill Clinton is mentioned

Either candidate specifically mentions a swing state. Any swing state. Drink twice if it’s Ohio.

Romney uses the phrase “secure our borders” when describing his immigration policy.

Obama uses the phrase “path to citizenship and college” when describing his immigration policy.

Obama uses the phrase “War on women.”

Romney condemns Roe v. Wade

Every time Romney says “debt”

Every time Obama says “car industry”

Jim Lehrer says “time.”

The words “school voucher” are said.

Every time “middle-class Americans” is said.

Take a shot if: