It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season premiere; 10 p.m.; FX)
LA Ink (series finale; 10 p.m.; YLC)
Archer (season premiere; 10:30 p.m.; FX)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (season premiere; 8 p.m.; Cartoon)
24/7: Mayweather/Ortiz (season finale; 9 p.m.; HBO)
Karaoke Battle USA (season finale; 9 p.m.; NBC)
Tanked (season finale; 9 p.m.; Animal Planet)
20/20 (season premiere; 10 p.m.; ABC)
Real Time With Bill Maher (mid-season premiere; 10 p.m.; HBO)
Sugar High (season finale; 10:30 p.m.; Food)
Whisker Wars (season finale; 11 p.m.; IFC)

63rd Primetime Emmy Awards (special; 8 p.m.; Fox)
Sunday Night Football: Philadelphia at Atlanta (special; 8:15 p.m.; NBC)
Hoarding: Buried Alive (season finale; 9 p.m.; TLC)
Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation (special; 10 p.m.; VH1)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 6
The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Fourth Season