Rob (series debut; 8:30 p.m.; CBS)
The Finder (series debut; 9 p.m.; Fox)
Person of Interest (returns; 9 p.m.; CBS)
The Office (returns; 10 p.m.; NBC)
Up All Night (new timeslot; 9:30 p.m.; NBC)
The Firm (timeslot premiere; 10 p.m.; NBC)
The Mentalist (returns; 10 p.m.; CBS)

Kitchen Nightmares (returns; 8 p.m.; Fox)
Fringe (returns; 9 p.m.; Fox)
Grimm (returns; 9 p.m.; NBC)
Real Time With Bill Maher (season premiere; 10 p.m.; HBO)

The Fades (series debut; 9 p.m.; BBC America)
Collision Earth (movie debut; 9 p.m.; Syfy)
The Nerdist (series debut; 10 p.m.; BBC America)

60 Minutes (returns; 7 p.m.,; CBS)
Golden Globes (special; 8 p.m.; NBC)
Undercover Boss (season premiere; 8 p.m.; CBS)