Tabatha Takes Over (season premiere; 10 p.m.; Bravo)
Flip Men (season finale; 10 p.m.; Spike)
Let’s Stay Together (season premiere; 10:30 p.m.; BET)

Whitney (new timeslot; 8 p.m.; NBC)
One Tree Hill (returns; 8 p.m.; the CW)
Are You There, Chelsea? (series debut; 8:30 p.m.; NBC)
Rock Center With Brian Williams (returns; 9 p.m.; NBC)
Amazing Eats (series debut; 9 p.m.; Travel)
Only in American With Larry the Cable Guy (season premiere; 9 p.m.; History)
People’s Choice Awards (special; 9 p.m.; CBS)
Ghost Hunters (returns; 9 p.m.; Syfy)
Face Off (season premiere; 10 p.m.; Syfy)
American Restoration (returns; 10 p.m.; History)
Law & Order: SVU (returns; 10 p.m.; NBC)

Bones (winter finale; 8 p.m.; Fox)
Big Bang Theory (returns; 8 p.m.; NBC)
30 Rock (returns; 8 p.m.; NBC)
Parks and Recreation (returns; 8:30 p.m.; NBC)