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Want to know what's happening in Baltimore?
Who gets you in the best shape, Baltimore?

Working out is, well, tough work.

So we've decided to highlight Baltimore's favorite personal trainers, instructors, motivators and all-around gym heroes and heroines.

You tell us: Who's that trainer who pushes you to go that extra mile (or sit-up), the yoga instructor who has you bending in ways you never thought possible or that class instructor who makes stationary biking seem thrilling?

All you have to do is email b editor Jordan Bartel,, with your nominee's name, where he/she works and why you think they deserve to be included in a story about Baltimore's favorite gym giants.

Please also include your contact info, so we can possibly talk to you further about your pick.

Again, your favorites can be any of the following in Baltimore or counties around the city: gym owners, personal trainers, class instructors, boutique gym employees, yoga or p90x folks — anybody related to a gym, fitness or working out.

A collection of gym standouts will be featured in an...

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'Gotham' recap, 'Everyone has a Cobblepot'

Everyone in Gotham has an albatross around their neck.

Jim has Penguin, Commissioner Loeb literally has a string of starlings to wear around his neck and half of the GCPD has their own Cobblepot, as Harvey and the episode’s title plainly say. (I’ll admit it: I love it when that happens!)

This was one of those rare episodes where every plotline traces back to an earlier episode, rather than the typical introduce-then-forget-new-characters formula the writers are so fond of. “Gotham” should try this method more often.

“Everyone Has a Cobblepot” shows that having the albatross or Cobblepot isn’t the problem; it’s others knowing it, too. The darker and dirtier the secret is, the easier it is for others to exploit you.

This is how Gotham works, Jim discovers, as he storms into Loeb’s office. Jim’s upset this time because the narc cop-turned-drug-kingpin Flass was exonerated of his murder charges.

On top of that, Flass has Loeb’s full endorsement for president of the policeman’s union....

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Sweetlife Festival expands to two days, features Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris

For the first time ever, the Sweetlife Festival — now entering its sixth year — will take over Merriweather Post Pavilion for two days, May 30-31. The expansion, along with the lineup, was announced on the Sweetlife website today.

Scheduled performers include:

Kendrick Lamar
Calvin Harris
The Weeknd
Billy Idol
Charli XCX
Marina & The Diamonds
Tove Lo
Vance Joy
Vic Mensa
Allen Stone
St. Paul & The Broken Bones
San Fermin
Life of Dillon
Sun Club (of Baltimore)
The Walking Sticks

After Virgin Mobile ended the eight-year run of the popular Virgin Mobile FreeFest, the Sweetlife Festival — which is run by the D.C.-based, health-food company Sweetgreen— has emerged has the area's most prominent and eclectic music festival. Last year, Lana Del Rey, Foster the People and 2 Chainz performed at the one-day May event.

Camping is not permitted on Merriweather grounds, according to venue spokeswoman Audrey Fix Schaefer, so attendees will...

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'The Bachelor' recap, 'The Women Tell All'

Tonight’s episode is the infamous “Women Tell All” reunion, where 17 contestants from this season return to discuss the events to date. Basically, the women argue with one another while Chris Harrison mediates.

Then the most memorable candidates are given time in the “hot seat,” otherwise known as the couch.

After about an hour and a half of this, Bachelor Chris will have to answer a few “tough questions” from the women most recently sent home: Britt, who gives free hugs on Hollywood Boulevard; Kaitlyn, who said Chris could “plow the f--- out of her anytime he wants,” and Jade, the fashion designer with an organic makeup line.

Before the “dramatic confrontations” start, we get to see a few of the “Bachelor viewing parties” that Chris Harrison and Bachelor Chris crash in Los Angeles. Bachelor Chris says that he hopes no one has a gun, and I hope he does decide to stay in Arlington, Iowa, because life in the big city just isn’t for him.

We begin with an introduction to the former...

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'Downton Abbey' Season 5 finale recap, A surprise engagement

The "Downton Abbey" Christmas specials are a funny thing.

First of all, they're billed as the season finale in America, when, in the U.K., they really aren't. Instead they, you guessed it, air on Christmas day.

As a consequence, many of the penultimate season episodes comes across as finales in America.

In the next-to-last episodes, there are often cliffhangers (ex from this season: Anna's arrest or, in Season 2, Bates arrested for his ex-wife's death) or pleasant plot resolutions (Mary discovering that she can now have children in Season 3).

The Christmas special can sometimes feel like an afterthought — pleasant enough at best, anticlimactic at worst.

This year's season finale/Christmas Special was a bit of both — meandering through the first hour or so, but triumphant in the final 30 minutes.

But there were -- and sorry to be cheesy about this -- quite a few heartwarming moments. And, sorry to be even more cheesy, there were a few moments that gave me the most British-related warm...

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'Empire' recap: Coming out and respectability politics

The brothers of “Empire” are all over the place, for better or worse. In the latest episode, Hakeem, Jamal and Andre each take important steps on their personal journeys.

With Hakeem, we can put the brooms away; he’s finally acting his age, not his shoe size.

While in the studio, working on a Cookie-produced legacy album for Lucious, Hakeem throws a fit when his mother calls him out for rushing his rap. Lucious lays the smack down, rejecting his normally passive role for one more authoritative (more lion-like, if you will). Playing Dr. Phil, he forces his son to speak candidly about his anti-Cookie feelings.

In one of the rawest moments of Hakeem’s storyline to date, he says he felt abandoned during Cookie’s stint in jail and jealous of her love of Jamal. It’s the first time he’s been able to articulate his emotions -- signs of a changed but still barely legal man.

But if you thought this apparent maturity was self-motivated, think again. Pulling the strings is Camilla, his cougar...

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