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Fox 45 reporter caught stopping for McDonald's meal during live shot

Fox 45 reporter Jimmy Uhrin wanted a fish sandwich yesterday morning.

And so, in what is possibly the most Baltimore thing to ever happen, he was caught in a McDonald's drive thru during a live shot.

The camera cut to Uhrin, known as "Traffic Jam Jimmy," just as he was about to order from a Towson restaurant.

"Hey, is it too early to get a fish sandwich?" asked Uhrin.

It was, indeed.

So Uhrin ordered an Egg McMuffin and a cup of black coffee.

"Don't tell the boss I did this," said Uhrin to reporter Candace Dold, who was wiping away tears of laughter in the studio.

"I'm hungry, so I'm gonna get a little something," he said.

Uhrin, who formerly played the sea monster on Captain Chesapeake, drives a roving traffic monitoring vehicle, outfitted with cameras inside and out.

He explained that he had been driving since 4 a.m. and had gotten hungry. It appears that Uhrin is a big fan of Mickey D's, as a second bag can be seen in the back seat.

Columbia tattoo artists Tony Zarro caught the...

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Future Islands singer and Earl Sweatshirt together on new track

Here's something we didn't expect to see (or hear) today: Future Islands singer Samuel Herring and Los Angeles rapper Earl Sweatshirt have collaborated on a new song called "Play It Cool." Stream it above, or click here to go to, which premiered it today.

"Play It Cool" is a track off "The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos," a new album inspired by the video game "Grand Theft Auto V."

Herring received the beat first from Alchemist and Oh No, who produce together under the name Gangrene, Alchemist told the magazine. Herring laid down the hook and then the track was sent to Earl, who told Vanity Fair in an email that the singer's famous appearance on David Letterman's show caught his eye.

“I was instantly moved to get on the song after seeing the dude from Future Islands’ dance moves," Earl wrote to the magazine.

The album — which also features Killer Mike, Phantogram, Little Dragon and others — drops on April 21.

Could this be the first of multiple...

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'Scandal' recap, 'The Lawn Chair'

Back from her kidnapping, Olivia is having a difficult time dealing with her emotions, so she lies to Jake about her whereabouts (giving Scott Foley a 10-second on-screen appearance) and throws herself into work. Which is what a lot of people do, when dealing with their personal lives seems like an insurmountable task. However, I don't think most people would have chosen to take on the kind of job Liv selects.

After a D.C. police officer shot and killed a black teen in the street, the police department called in Olivia to handle the optics. The boy was Brandon Parker, an 18-year-old neighborhood kid whose father, Clarence, raised him alone after his mother died of breast cancer.

Brandon was supposed to graduate from high school in the spring. What's more, he was killed a mere stone's throw from the White House after being stopped by an officer because he "matched the description" of a man suspected of stealing a cellphone from a nearby store. According to the cop, Brandon charged at...

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'Survivor' recap, 'It Will Be My Revenge'

It’s the dawn of Day 4, and Dan starts the day by losing his underwear. He was trying to "do his business" in the ocean, and a wave tore them away from him. For Lindsay, this only adds to the general annoyance that is Dan. It was a really, really stupid thing to do, and I don’t think you’re supposed to be "doing your business" in the ocean.

Over at the White Collar Tribe, they finally have flint for fire. Max claims that they suck at fending for themselves because of their high-falutin’ jobs, but I’m sure that there are plenty of people with office jobs who have gone camping before. Maybe you guys just suck. Max then tries to be like Richard Hatch and hangs around the beach naked. It is, as he points out, a great way to get some time alone.

Shirin decides to follow suit and get naked as well, but she doesn’t go topless, only bottomless, which is an odd choice. Joachim and Taylor have a hard time carrying on a conversation with her about dishwashing.

Hali is trying to get to know Nina...

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Our favorite spring break road trips of 2015

You likely need a change of scenery after this long winter. The good news is that traveling someplace exciting doesn’t always require getting on a plane.

While gas prices are still low, it’s a great time to explore all that’s within a few hours’ drive of your front door. Driving can turn otherwise grueling travel into a fun-filled adventure, with exciting diversions and impromptu detours along the way.

And surprise: Baltimore is not too far from all-inclusive resorts, intriguing cities and more. We’ve uncovered some destinations certain to please. All you’ll need to do is pack a suitcase and get going.

Massanutten Resort, McGaheysville, Va.

Distance From Baltimore: 160 miles

Why: This all-season adventure resort offers a full schedule of organized daily activities as well as an indoor water park, three zip lines, horseback riding, two 18-hole golf courses, on-site canoeing, kayaking and rafting, on-site skiing, ice skating and tubing, a spa and evening activities and shows.

Even Better...

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Afros, dreads, natural styles more popular, still controversial

Last June, Natalie Samuel went through with the "big chop."

The 33-year-old Columbia resident cut off all of her chemically straightened hair in an attempt to return her mane to its tightly curled, natural state.

Samuel said she doesn't regret the decision to leave behind salon appointments for relaxer treatments every three months and biweekly visits for upkeep.

"Now I just wash and go," said Samuel, a manager for an accounting firm. "It doesn't really require a stylist."

Samuel represents what has become a larger cultural movement to embrace chemical-free, natural and curly hair — especially among black women. And never before, it seems, has the styling of black women's hair been such a topic of national conversation.

When Zendaya Coleman, a Disney Channel star, went to the Oscars in dreadlocks, E! "Fashion Police" host Giuliana Rancic described the hairstyle as making the teen look as if "she smells like patchouli oil" or "weed." Coleman later called the comments "offensive," online...

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