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Union Craft Brewing news: Commemorative limited-edition beer, new seasonal can on the way

Last year marked an important time for Union Craft Brewing, the Woodberry-based beer company. An expanded facility with new brewing equipment allowed Union to produce 5,100 barrels of beer in 2014, 90 percent more than the previous year.

So, according to founder Jon Zerivitz, it was time to celebrate. For Union, that meant brewing a limited-edition beer to commemorate the company brewing its 500th batch. The result is Balt the More Sticke Alt, which Zerivitz described as variation on Union’s popular German-style Balt Altbier.

The Balt the More Sticke Alt is “a craft-centric beer, but it’s very traditional in its origin,” Zerivitz said on Wednesday morning. The beer nods to the city’s established love of German-style beers, he said. (“Sticke” is a play on the German word “stickum,” which translates to “secret.”)

“Our regular Balt Alt is very well received, and this is a really special version of that beer,” he said.

Balt the More Sticke Alt is a draft-only release for Maryland and...

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Dew Tour won't return to Ocean City this summer

The Dew Tour will not return this year to Ocean City for a fifth consecutive summer after organizers of the extreme sports competition said they will seek out new venues.

"Ocean City has been a fantastic host city and partner for the Dew Tour for the past four years," Dew Tour organizers said. "As we plan for a new season in 2015, we will be looking to reach different markets."

Ocean City officials said the town is "disappointed" about the change but stressed the successful partnership lasted longer than expected.

"Historically for the Dew Tour, they don’t stay in one location for a long extended time," said Jessica Waters, the town's communications manager. "The fact that they stayed for four years speaks volumes for the success they had here."

Last year about 100,000 people packed Ocean City for the five-day event held in June, along with some 100 athletes who competed in sports ranging from skateboarding to BMX bike riding. Organizers said the event, which offered free admission,...

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Orioles pitcher Zach Britton is ready and excited for FanFest

Orioles closer Zach Britton is getting ready for his fifth FanFest this weekend, and he can't wait.

For Britton, 27, FanFest is all about the game and his teammates — and getting ready for another season wearing the orange and black. After a stellar 2014, where he led the AL East-champion O's with 37 saves, he's understandably eager to get back on the field.

FanFest is set for Saturday (11 a.m.-6 p.m.; Baltimore Convention Center). Pitchers and catchers report to the team's spring training complex in Sarasota, Fla., on Feb. 19. Hang in there, O's fans.

How anxious are you to get the season started?

Very. I think at this time of year, guys are starting to go down to Florida. The guys that I work out with — Chris Tillman's already there, Miguel Gonzalez and some other guys, we're all kind of getting ready to go for spring training.

Once you get to FanFest, the itch gets even worse, because you're around everybody again, telling stories about the off-season. You get really excited for the...

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A cocktail for beet lovers (and even haters) alike: The Beet Root Fizz at Wit & Wisdom

The bar staff at Wit

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Relationships column: Your friends determine your future

I follow a lot of people from my high school graduating class on social media and many are doing phenomenally well.

Some are budding entrepreneurs, while others are registered nurses or attending medical school. There are a few who have traveled the world and many more who have started families and are living happily in adulthood.

I catch myself blurting out, "Wow," "Aww" or "Congrats," almost every other day while scrolling down my timeline.

Not surprisingly, the people who seem to be the most successful are the ones that everyone knew would be.

To me, it's not a stereotype to believe that the students with thick glasses carrying a thick pile of textbooks will turn out to be CEOs.

It's common sense.

These were the same kids who possessed an unwavering focus and discipline that made them valedictorians in high school, followed by summa cum laude in college or the president of student government.

I know a few personally.

The people who were known for skipping class, or smoking before...

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Duff Goldman 'Ace' of two Food Network shows now

At the start of Duff Goldman's new Food Network show, "Kids Baking Championship," which premieres next week,eight pint-sized pastry-chef contestants are lined up onstage to meet their co-hosts, Goldman and actress Valerie Bertinelli.

As the two make their entrance and approachthe kids, a trembling boy whispers to the child next to him, "I didn't think they were real."

I don't know about Bertinelli, kid, but Goldman is definitely real.

The last time I saw Goldman, back in 2011, he was winding up the last season of "Ace of Cakes," the Food Channel show that made him TV-famous, and was about to open a new bakery in Los Angeles as a complement to the home office in Baltimore. He held nothing back about the life passage he was navigating.

I asked him if he was nervous about the big L.A. gamble, and his unprintable answer involved being so "scared" that bodily functions were altered.

With Goldman, you get it raw with almost no showbiz blah-blah-blah.

And so it was again when we reconnected...

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