Pictures: A gory tour of Kim's Krypt

Kim Yates, who's spent 17 years as the devoted crypt-keeper of Kim's Krypt, says haunting has become her life. She's constantly looking for new additions, and speaks with pride of all the bizarre stuff people are always giving her: coffins, pipe organs, ancient surgical instruments, dead animals preserved in jars. Not your typical home decor, for sure, but at Kim's, such touches are definitely right at home. "This is all from the heart, I love doing this," says Yates, who grew up in Glen Burnie. "I just love to create scenes and monsters and make things move and have people get scared. I live, eat, breathe and am always thinking about new ideas." Take a look at some behind-the-scenes photos at Kim's Krypt. -- Chris Kaltenbach • More info: Kim's Krypt in DundalkSee more Halloween events and attractions.
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