Fanny Zigdon

FANNY ZIGDON, 27 Interior designer, Design Loft Interiors | Pikesville Fanny Zigdon is attracted to the unconventional but comfortable. She loves waterproof art to hang in a shower and faux-leather shutters. She loves glamour and luxury, but not in the typical way. "To me, glamour is something unexpected. It's something that makes you say 'Wow' when you walk into a room," she says. "It doesn't have to be dripping crystals." Zigdon is always up for a challenge, a mentality that has served her well. Along with business partner Lisa Steinhardt, she runs her own company, Design Loft Interiors, which launched an appointment-only retail/trade center in Federal Hill last October. Since then, Zigdon has been busy designing everything from cool office spaces (a revamped historical firehouse in Pikesville) to trendy living rooms. "I never considered working for a firm," says Zigdon, a mother of three originally from Ramapo, N.Y. "My priority was always being a mom, but also finding a way to have my own business, my own hours." In the future, Zigdon would jump at the chance to work on homes on the beach. "I love the waterfront and what you can do with a home there," she says. "I find a lot of inspiration in nature." JORDAN BARTEL, B
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