Taqueria el Sabor del Parque

2901 Eastern Ave., Highlandtown 410-558-0747 Mexican cooking doesn't seem exotic until you take a closer look at what this humble little taqueria on a corner across from Patterson Park puts in its tacos (most $2). While it has the standard chicken and grilled steak fillings, porky packings such as cheeks, skin, ears or lips (my favorite) are what distinguish El Sabor Del Parque's tacos from the rest of the taquerias in the area. These tacos are soft, supple and unctuous. One bite will make you a fan. Combined with the complimentary onion, cilantro and lime, the tacos turn out bright and delicious. Tip: Use the salsas with caution. These aren't for the meek.
John Houser III
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