Your say: What's the best new fall TV show?

This week, we asked about your favorite new TV shows. Here's what you had to say.

•••• “Two Broke Girls”: How did such a raunchy show sneak into primetime? Love it. --Dylan Kates via Facebook

•••• “American Horror Story”! --garrotsmith via Twitter

•••• “2 Broke Girls,” “Person of Interest” and “Ringer” are the ones I can’t get enough of! --Emily Way Sizer via Facebook

•••• That show that comes on after “Modern Family” on ABC [“Happy Endings”]. --mo_rease via Twitter

•••• “The New Girl.” Hilarious. --Antoinette Joan via Facebook

•••• “American Horror Story” is the best new fall TV show, hands down; it’s my new religion. --desultoryvixen via Twitter

•••• “Once Upon a Time” is smart, whimsical and delightful. Not to mention, the strong women it features are a definite bonus. --Sarah Weissman via Facebook

•••• “Up All Night.” --kimberlytpalmer via Twitter


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