Your say: What's Baltimore's most underrated quality?

This week, we asked about what's overlooked in Baltimore. Here's what you had to say.

•••• We are a city that honors its past, its legacy, and never destroys the landscape from which we began. The architecture and city planning is deeply routed in the breath and blood of this town. --Alexander Carlin via Facebook

•••• Natty Bohs, even if they’re technically not made in Baltimore any longer. --ashleycrowl via Twitter

•••• We’re a city with a small town feel. Everywhere you go you run into someone you know and the day/night is always better because of it. --Dan Maddog Stevenson via Facebook

•••• It isn’t Pittsburgh. --ihatejjredick via Twitter

•••• Too often the sense of diversity is given a negative connotation. But I love the fact that Baltimore is so culturally diverse and gives Baltimore that well-rounded, multi-faceted sense of excitement! --Gina Andracchio via Facebook

•••• A remarkable arts and literature community. --crowdedway via Twitter

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