Your say: What's your dream job in Baltimore?

This week, we asked about your dream professions in the city. Here's what you had to say.

•••• Orioles team therapist. --Linard Gibson via Facebook

•••• Business owner. Either helping others or baking. Maybe both. --hamptongirl via Twitter

•••• Crabcake taste-tester. --Kelly Mitchell via Facebook

•••• Owning a design studio. --rastheboho via Twitter

•••• Fully legal weed farmer! Puff-puff-pass. :) --Mike Abernethy via Facebook

•••• A Ravens cheerleader. --kimberlytpalmer via twitter

•••• Substance abuse counselor. --Kate Driscoll via Facebook

 •••• Sports reporter or photographer for Orioles and/or Ravens. --asianmegan via Twitter

•••• Retirement. LOL. --Towanda Anthony via Facebook

•••• Practically any job; I’m underemployed. --Ryan Jones via Facebook

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