Your say: Where's the best place in the city to get food when you're drunk?

This week, we asked where you like to grab your grub when you're drunk. Here's what you had to say.

•••• Sip & Bite. No tolerance for rude behavior --deepdimples via Twitter

•••• Pizza Boli’s. But only when you’re drunk. --JayJay Lessard via Facebook

•••• Stuggy’s in Fells --discosaturday via Twitter

•••• Maria D’s in Fed Hill and Never on Sunday [in] Mount Vernon, and this also applies for sober eats as well! hahah --Courtney Lynn Baldwin via Facebook

•••• Hot Tomatoes, pretzel twist --lindseyyok via Twitter

•••• Royal Farms chicken --Steve Burke via Facebook

•••• Best meals are cooked at home ... drunk! --Steven Ryer Fleming via Facebook

•••• Pretzel dog stand in Canton (drunk or un-drunk!) --staciaprassinas via Twitter

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