Psychic predictions for Baltimore in 2013 [Pictures]

Who knows what 2013 holds in store for Baltimore and some of its most well-known figures? While no one can be absolutely sure, we put our faith in a panel of psychic advisers to tell us what will happen to Michael Phelps, John Waters, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and other Baltimore notables. Angela Devoti, whose second-sight goes back generations in her family, handled the psychic readings. Farida Shourbaji, a mystic of sorts, looked to the stars to foresee their futures. And Lexie Mountain, whose real name is Lexie Macchi, read their tarot cards. These part-time experts peered into the fog of the future, and reported back with their findings. From the looks of it, 2013 could be as fruitful as 2012 for some of Baltimore's biggest news makers.
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