My best New Year's Eve

A handful of Baltimoreans recall their favorite celebrations.

"My best New Year's Eve was when I and a friend went to London to the Millennium Dome for what was essentially a huge rave. … It was also the dumbest thing I ever did. We arrived about 20 minutes before midnight and had only a bit of time to get drunk, dance really hard and try to find the perfect spot before midnight arrived."

Aran Keating, 28, artistic director, Baltimore Rock Opera Society

"Over the years I have spent New Year's Eve in many cities: Paris, Firenze, New York, San Diego, Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. From black-tie events to street festivals, I find that no matter where I am, the best and most memorable New Years' have been spent with close friends and loved ones. This year, around 20 of us are going to a Gibson Island house to celebrate the end of a great 2011 and to begin an even greater 2012."

Christopher Janian, 27, development manager, H&S Properties Development Corp

"New York City. Times Square. I recently went with my girlfriend, and it was incredibly cold with some snow flurries. There were tons of people, and we were barely able to move. But it was so wonderful with all of the lights and the holiday atmosphere and being able to watch the ball drop."

Jamar Roberts, 23, event promoter

"It was December 2010 when my band, the Motorettes, performed at the Inner Harbor. I loved that … we got to meet the mayor and had the best seats for the fireworks."

Jennifer Tydings, 27, lead singer, the Motorettes, a six-piece band that belts out Motown hits

"My most memorable New Year's was about six years ago, when my husband, brother and I were visiting my parents, who were living in London at the time. At midnight, we were all standing right under Big Ben. It was great to be able to ring in 2006 surrounded by my family, even though we were so far from home."

Jeanine Clingenpeel, 30, editor, Baltimore Smart CEO magazine

"My favorite New Year's Eve experience came fully stocked with friends, fun, plenty of alcohol and unfortunately, picture evidence that I cannot seem to live down. At some point we ditched the party and wound up at a diner having the biggest blast just laughing and enjoying each other's company until the sun came up."

Tamu Bowrey, owner and head designer of Sweetest Tamu, a women's custom-clothing line

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