BronyCon 2013 headed for Baltimore in August

Thundering herds of "My Little Pony" fans will be descending on Baltimore next August for the fifth BronyCon, a bi-annual convention of rabid fans of the cartoon TV series "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic."

Thousands of fans are expected to mass at the Baltimore Convention Center for the Aug. 2-4 event.

Although targeted at a young, mostly female audience, the animated show has attracted a surprising number of young adult and teen fans — known as "bronies," short for "bro ponies." The convention's website,, includes a section where fans can suggest events or panel topics for the convention, and dressing in costume is encouraged.

The first BronyCon was held in New York in June 2011. The most recent was held at the Meadowlands in New Jersey and attracted some 4,000 people, according to the website.

Tickets for BronyCon 2013 range from $35 for Sunday only to $65 for a three-day pass. Sponsor passes are available for $125-$2,000.

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