Like/Dislike with Jonathan Pettus, Bennett's Curse monster

Hanover native Jonathan Pettus, 25, has been scaring people at Bennett's Curse in Jessup for 10 years. This year, Pettus performs as Gorgoth, the Lord of the Vampyres, one of 13 new characters that Bennett's has introduced in honor of its 13th anniversary.

Gorgoth, a fallen angel who previously served as a general in the Inferno under The Dark One, now leads the "The Vampyres", a demonic army, in their dominion over Earth.

Unlike Gorgoth, Pettus has no intention of overthrowing the human race. He does, however, enjoy his job at the haunt. His favorite part of working at Bennett's is watching customers' reactions. "Halloween is all about the scary stuff," he said. And as part of Bennett's crew, he not only gets to look scary, he gets to act scary, too You can meet Gorgoth and the rest of the Bennett's Curse characters through Nov. 2 (8024 Max Blobs Park Road; $30-$60; ). Pettus took a break from all that scaring to talk with us about bad drivers, the zombie trend and the best parts of Halloween.

Worst pet peeve? Bad drivers. It might just be the small things, like no turn signal or weaving in and out of traffic, but these things get on my nerves while driving.

Last concert/gig you went to? Papa Roach and Escape the Fate at Rams Head Live. I also like supporting the local music scene in Baltimore. A number of my friends are in bands.

Trend that has exceeded its natural lifespan? The zombie trend has been so overplayed. Everywhere you look it's zombie this, or zombie that.

Last movie you liked? "The Conjuring." I am a huge horror movie fan. It wasn't that scary, but there were some pretty cool effects.

Last great meal you had? The real Italian sub from DiPasquale's.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? Blue Agave in Federal Hill.

Favorite/least favorite thing about Halloween? My favorite thing about Halloween is that I get to scare people for a full month, not just one night out of the year. My least favorite is not getting to hand out candy to the little ones, because I work every Halloween.

Favorite memory of a guest at Bennett's? A girl [got] so scared that she fell backwards into a mud puddle while wearing white pants.

Favorite thing about Baltimore? There is always something going on. You can always find a concert, sporting event or something to do that peaks your interest. Baltimore is a great city for anyone.


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