Great Baltimore cocktails, the Ravens Nation at J. Paul's

When the Ravens win, we drink, in celebration; when they lose, we drink, in commiseration.

This season? Seven … 14 … 21 nation armies couldn't fix my disappointment in the home team. But no matter the weather, I'm a true fan; I summons pride where I can find it. And right now, that's at J. Paul's in the Inner Harbor, where the aptly named Ravens Nation is helping to ease football frustration.

The Ravens Nation is a good dose of sweet to balance the sour of the Ravens' last few weeks. The cocktail has everything a fan needs: It's purple. Win. And because it's purple, that means it's a mixture of all sorts of delicious, alcoholic goodness. Win. And it's healthy! OK, maybe not exactly. But it is fruity without being too girly or syrupy. Win. Bacardi Razz and black raspberry liqueur sweeten up cranberry and lime juices to create a nicely spirited spirit. Deceptively potent, this is a game-time sipper or a game-time slugger, depending on the score. Either way, the game will be more fun with one of these in front of you.

Sarah Conlin, J. Paul's area director and the drink's creator, came up with the Ravens Nation after the success of its spring-time cousin, the Oriole Magic. "We love to support our teams … it seems only fair to have a Ravens drink for the fall and winter," she reasons. Conlin says fair. I say really, super, hardcore necessary. If the Orioles helped fuel Chris Davis and company to a fairly successful season, maybe Joe Flacco needs to chug a few of these pre-game. Our team already seems a little drunk every first half -- why not really go for it? After all, if the Ravens Nation can't help you win, nothing will.

How to Make The Ravens Nation

1 1/2 oz. Bacardi razz

1/2 oz. black raspberry liqueur

2-3 drops of blue Curacao

Splash of soda

Splash of sweetened lime juice

3-4 oz. of cranberry juice

Serve over ice, sugar rim the glass

Where to Get The Ravens Nation

J. Paul's

301 Light St., Inner Harbor



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