Great Baltimore cocktails: The Sweet and Hot at Lobo

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At the corner of Wolfe and Aliceanna, in the space formerly known as Pearl's stands Lobo, the newest offering from the team at One Eyed Mike's.

Lobo (Spanish for "Wolf," on Wolfe Street, get it?) offers a lively mix of cuisine catering to the after-dinner crowd, a raw bar, craft sandwiches and, of course, a cocktail menu featuring a bevy of house-made ingredients and infusions.

One cocktail that stood out was Lobo's Sweet and Hot, a gin creation spotlighting several of Lobo's house-made offerings. At first glance, the Sweet and Hot appears simplistic — it's pink, a bit thick in consistency — but the total sum of ingredients is actually fairly sophisticated. A base of Beefeater gin provides the ABV and is blended with a housemade apricot, raspberry and thyme jam (can I buy a jar of it?), a chili pepper-infused simple syrup for additional heat and sweet, and finished off with several dashes of the Bitter Truth Creole bitters.

The sweetness is smooth on the palate the heat aspects were subtle despite the menagerie of spicy ingredients.

The net result sounds great enough on paper to be sure, and finishes off with a delightful slice of housemade bread and butter pickled jalapeno, which was particularly enjoyable. Bar manager Pamela Hadel explains: "That stems from our chef pickling his own stuff. It adds a lot to the cocktail, really really good." I definitely found myself plucking out the jalapeno and munching on it before finishing the drink, so there's definitely something to it.

The Sweet and Hot is a fine libation, but another thing that makes the cocktail list at Lobo stand out is its relatively affordable pricing. Lobo drinks range from $7 to $10, and at comparable locations most of these drinks would cost $13. Lobo's happy Hour list runs the $5 mark. Not too shabby considering the workmanship going into the cocktails.

Enjoy them before those prices go up, folks.

How to make the Sweet and Hot

2 1/2 oz. Beefeater gin

2 tubs. fruit jam (store bought or homemade)

3/4 oz. chili-infused simple syrup

4 dashes of the Bitter Truth Creole bitters

Slice of house pickled bread and butter jalapeno pepper for garnish

Combine all ingredients over ice, shake, strain into Martini glass. Garnish with slice of bread and butter jalapeno.

Where to get the Sweet and Hot


1900 Aliceanna St, Fells Point



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