Raise your glass: The Lady Maryland, Waterfront Kitchen

Lady Maryland: a cocktail with a cause, a buzz with a benefit. How could you possibly say no to drinking for charity?

That alone sold me. But for those of the more skeptical palate, the refreshing Lady Maryland at Waterfront Kitchen stands alone as an easy warmer-weather sip.

Waterfront Kitchen, on the water's edge of Thames Street in Fells Point, is a big believer in sustainability — from using fresh, local ingredients to helping out in the community. Bartender David Copenhaver created The Lady Maryland to bolster the restoration efforts of the Living Classrooms Foundation's educational schooner of the same name. The drink was so popular that Copenhaver and crew decided to keep it as a staple of their seasonal menu of house-infused cocktails. Bonus? For every Lady Maryland ordered, $2 is donated to the ship. So far, they've raised more than $25,000 from the spirited support.

Copenhaver originally wanted to create a cocktail using the state fruit. But there was one problem: Maryland doesn't have an official fruit. So he decided to draw inspiration from the myriad of fruit stands that line the road to Ocean City each summer. The result is a vodka-based infusion of Bosc pear, Granny Smith apple and lemon. Bay leaf-infused simple syrup adds an herbal, spicy finish and acts as a playful nod to the surrounding Chesapeake waters.

The Lady Maryland is the type of drink you might order aboard a charming sunset cruise around the harbor. It's refreshing — in taste and intent.

How to Make

The Lady Maryland

3 ounces vodka infused with Bosc pear, Granny Smith apple and lemon

1/2 ounce simple syrup infused with 1 fresh (not dried) bay leaf

Shake over ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with bay leaf.

Where to Get

The Lady Maryland

Waterfront Kitchen

1417 Thames St., Fells Point




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