Like/Dislike: Brian Behm, artist

At Sunday's Art Outside event, local artists and crafters will gather at Druid Hill Park in a revival of sorts of the city's free al-fresco community art festivals of the 1950s and 1960s.

Among the artists will be 28-year-old Brian Behm, also a designer and musician, who returns for the second year to Art Outside (11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Behm, who lives in Windsor Hills, said he will showcase some of his large-scale paintings at Art Outside, but will also have for sale some pieces he has been working on recently — sunset scenery and city skyline paintings (go to for more information). Behm talked to b about his love of HBO, his favorite beer spots in town and more.

Worst pet peeve? It bugs me when people are absorbed in their phones and miss the beauty surrounding them. For example, how many times have you walked by the Bank of America building at 10 Light St. and not looked at it? It's one of America's prime examples of Art Deco architecture, and thousands of people walk by without even looking up at it each day.

What songs are you loving right now? I'm a big fan of hardcore, punk and metal, so I'm really digging the new Architects album ["Lost Forever // Lost Together"] that came out a couple months ago. I also love the hopeful, positive worldview that Garret Rapp of the Color Morale describes in furious intensity on their latest album "Know Hope."

Last movie you liked? Most recently I saw "Noah" and really enjoyed it. [Director Darren] Aronofsky presented it in a way that was totally fresh and eye-opening without deviating from what I believe the core message was of the Judeo-Christian God.

TV shows you can't get enough of? I really enjoyed the first season of "True Detective" and I'm eager to know where they'll go with Season 2. I also have to admit to being stuck on "Game of Thrones."

Favorite and least favorite fashion statement? I think the Lady-Gaga-revives-Madonna look is getting old. I like mixing a punk-rock look with dress wear — skinny jeans and a rock T-shirt with a nice vest, some slick leather shoes and a clean-cut hairdo. I want it to say creative, edgy and rock 'n' roll, but still approachable and savvy.

Favorite place to get a drink in Baltimore? I love to go to Brewer's Cask in Federal Hill. That's my go-to spot to watch a game and try some new beers. If I'm not drinking beer, I'm drinking coffee, so my go-to for a cup of Joe is definitely the Zeke's tent at the Baltimore Farmer's Market.

Best advice you ever got? "Be yourself. No one else can."

Last great meal you had? My wife, Victoria, is a nutritionist and quite the cook, so we tag-team a lot of great meals at home. But one of our favorite places to dine out is Birroteca in Hampden. We recommend the duck pizza and the grilled calamari every time.

Favorite thing about Baltimore? Baltimore really is a fun place to live. The people here are quirky, creative and personable and are proud of their city. The artists and musicians I know strive for the betterment of their communities, and there's always some club or organization that's working to promote the things that matter, like planting more trees or beautifying alleys


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