Great Baltimore cocktails: The Dos Manos Margarita at Papi's Taco Joint

The sign says "Big Ass Margaritas" … sold or shall I continue?

Work up a thirst while I give you the drink details on the newly opened Papi's Taco Joint in Fells Point. Clearly, they already know their audience well — especially on Fridays (and only on Fridays), when you can order 11 delicious varieties of the 20-ounce Dos Manos Margarita all day — and all night — for a superb price.

As the name implies en Espanol, you're going to need two hands to guzzle one of these puppies. And at $8 for a traditional, $8.50 for a "fun flavor," you can afford four hands' worth. While a list of flashier choices like the Prickly Pear and Brown Sugar Cinnamon originally caught my eye, it's the Mango Dos Manos you need to order for quality refreshment.

Owner Carrie Podles said it's one of their most popular and with good reason. I've had a few tropical fruit-based margs over the years, but the mango at Papi's has a decidedly different taste profile, probably because it's made with blue agave tequila as well as agave nectar, sweetening the mango juice more naturally instead of with triple sec or sour mix. Literally, you're drinking a healthy 20 ounces of liquor. Dream. Come. True.

But wait, there's more. You also have the option of adding a Grand Marnier or smoky mezcal floater for an additional $3, or a 7-ounce Coronita dumped directly into your beverage (it will also set you back $3). Bar manager Danielle Lechert suggested the Coronita, which cuts the mango and plays up the lime quite nicely. I'm not a beer fan, but it doesn't taste like beer here — just a smooth, bubbly addition. If you go this route, Lechert recommended passing up the salt rim to keep the "sweeter palate" of the drink. Plus, the beer topper satisfies that already.

Owners Podles and Charlie Gjerde came up with the idea of the Dos Manos when discussing what glasses cocktails should be served in at Papi's. They wanted to create a drink special that celebrated the end of the stressful work week while helping to kick off weekend adventures. With a Dos Manos, you've got your hands full of partying to do. One might even — OK, Lionel Ritchie might — say it's like a fiesta, forever.

How to Make the Dos Manos Margarita (Mango)

1 part 100 percent Agave Camarena tequila

2 parts house-made margarita mix (a blend of lime and lemon juice, simple syrup and agave nectar)

3/4 part flavor (mango juice for this recipe)

Shake all ingredients with ice; pour into a margarita glass and garnish with lime (salt or sugar rim/Coronita optional).

Where to Get the Dos Manos Margarita

Papi's Taco Joint

1703 Aliceanna St., Fells Point


$8-$8.50, Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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