Great Baltimore Cocktails: The Crippled Turtle at Todd Conner's

Fells Point corner establishment Todd Conner's has been around for a number of years and up to this point, never registered on my radar as a place that had a cocktail list.

To be fair, it does, in fact, have one. But it's fairly new so it's my fault for not stopping by more often. I'll take my punishment later — no time like the present to enjoy some recently created, frequently rotating libations courtesy of the ol' Todd.

Todd Conner's new-ish cocktail program is spearheaded by bartender Paull ("with two Ls") Daino, featuring a range of entry level cocktails and one-off infusions listed on their "Limited Libations" menu (try the Strawberry Rickey while it lasts). After spending some time in Salisbury's burgeoning craft brew/cocktail scene, Daino made his way to Baltimore and eventually began developing his own list of libations. It's always a nice thing to see when a bartender takes pride in his or her craft, and Daino's pride stems from approachability. "I try to keep it new and innovative but accessible, so anyone can make these cocktails at home if they wanted to," he said.

After perusing the list, the drinks ring true to Daino's mission statement. Among a few more sophisticated selections comes the fruity-licious Crippled Turtle, a refreshing slurper that amounts to a pina colada or daiquiri featuring Bacardi Silver, Captain Morgan and Malibu combined to produce a wallop of rum. Bols banana liqueur and pineapple juice provide additional smoothness and sweet flavor, with a slight twist on the formula at the end with the introduction of cranberry juice to provide some tartness as a foil to all that sweet. As an added bonus, the Turtle is available in a premixed fashion or in layers, providing a colorful visual to go along with your fruity smooth taste experience. Buyer beware: These things go down quickly, so enjoy in moderation.

With warm weather on the horizon, the Crippled Turtle ought to be on your radar as a refreshing and heavy duty booze injection masked by fruity goodness, even if its moniker is a bit puzzling. Why's the turtle gotta be crippled? This thing packs a punch, it oughta be the Fightin' Turtle or the Titanic Terrapin.

Daino, my services are available for naming your next round of creations. You know where to find me.

How to make the Crippled Turtle

1/2 oz. Bacardi Silver

1/2 oz. Captain Morgan

1/2 oz. Malibu rum

1/2 o.z Bols banana liqueur

1 oz. pineapple juice

1 oz. cranberry juice

Combine all ingredients in shaker, shake vigorously, strain over ice. Alternately, layer juices one at a time over rum to produce fun visual effect. Garnish with orange and maraschino cherry.

Where to get the Crippled Turtle

Todd Conner's

700 S. Broadway, Fells Point



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