Raise your glass: Diablo Margarita, Geckos

It's nearly the end of our mild winter, and within a few weeks the (even warmer) days of spring will be upon us. There's no better drink to celebrate the arrival of spring than the refreshing kick that only a margarita can provide. And Canton's Geckos makes a mean margarita.

Geckos' Diablo Margarita kicks like a mule in the flavor alcohol departments. Fueled by a whopping six-second pour of Sauza tequila, a three-second pour of triple sec, Tabasco and house-made sour mix, it's one of the strongest margaritas around.

"It's all about our house-made sour mix," said co-owner Nick Marrero, "It really makes our margaritas some of the best in town." The sour mix is the star, and has a perfect balance of sweet and tart. It's not overpoweringly sweet, and yet still makes your mouth pucker just a little. The Tabasco coming in at the back end totally masks the tequila flavor while making the entire drink pop.

The Diablo Margarita is a great complement to Geckos lively, colorful atmosphere, with enough booze and high energy ingredients to really get your motor running on a Friday night. And at $6, you probably won't feel a thing in the wallet department. With that six-second pour of tequila, the rest of you will won't feel a thing as well.

How to make the Diablo Margarita

Six-second (!) pour of Sauza tequila

Three-second pour of triple sec

Tabasco to taste

Margarita sour mix (their house recipe is a secret)

Combine Sauza tequila and triple Sec on ice, fill to top with sour mix and add Tabasco to taste. Stir to mix.

Where to get the Diablo Margarita


2318 Fleet St., Canton



$6; $3.50 on Thursdays

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