Pictures: Top 10 reasons to check out Honfest 2011

Certainly, the past six months has been a public relations challenge for Honfest, thanks to founder Denise Whiting's decision to try to trademark everything about "Hon" except the letters themselves. And last week, Hampden merchants were taken aback to receive a list of unlicensed things Honfest vendors would be prohibited from selling, including those iconic cat's-eye glasses. For a personality and a festival that's supposed to be all about having fun and promoting good will, the Hon has been generating a lot of bad blood of late. But with luck, all of that can be put aside -- at least for the weekend -- as Baltimore stages its 18th annual celebration of that quirky, uniquely accented, high-haired goodwill ambassador for which the city has become famous. Honfest will be taking over four blocks of 36th Street all day June 11 and 12, with food, music, merchandise (some of it, we'll bet, not officially licensed) and tons of down-home Bawlmer spirit. Here are 10 reasons to treasure the experience that is Honfest, regardless of what the trademark office has to say.--Chris Kaltenbach
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