Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Justin Bieber, Grand Prix and more of your rants

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is an embarrassment and a disgrace to anybody who ever attended Western High School. We were taught better than that, ignoramus.

I’ll take competency over personality any day. Let’s go Rawlings-Blake.

Justin Bieber needs to get an education on how to talk to the media or talk period. Stay in school.

Why are you so excited because Beyoncé is pregnant? Her husband Jay-Z drops $350,000 on champagne and you don’t even have $350 to pay your BGE bill. It’s only entertainment. You live in the real world with real bills. Pay them.

I hate when the news tells the public where the president is going and how he’s going. Stop telling where my president is going and just let him get there safely.

I’m getting a kick out of watching these lazy-ass members of the FOP sitting in their patrol cars, not directing traffic on major boulevards. Get out of your cars and do your jobs, you lazy bastards.

Why are y’all even talking to Sheila Dixon? As far as the Baltimore press is concerned, if she cannot apologize to the citizens of Baltimore city, she deserves and needs to be persona non grata. You all keep her in the news. If you stop talking about the b----, maybe she’ll go away.

Memo to Sheila Dixon: This is not the District of Columbia and you are not Marion Barry. Baltimoreans have long memories, especially when we’re dealing with somebody as rude and ill-bred as you who doesn’t have the decency to apologize for a mistake. Think you’re going to be mayor in 2015? Think again.

The Grand Prix? Big deal. What about the homeless that sleep downtown? Are they going to get accommodations or just jail-time?

I cannot believe that these two people in McDonald’s beat an elderly man to the ground and then the police let him go. And then he pats his girlfriend on the head, tells her good job for helping him beat the crap out of a 70-year-old man. What the f--- is this world coming to?

Who’s supposed to be enforcing the Do Not Call list? I don’t answer phone calls that show up on my called ID with unavailable or unknown names. They need to start enforcing the Do Not Call list.

Y-I-E-L-D. What does this mean? For you to come flying down the ramp onto the highway and expect me to stop for you to cut in front of me? W-R-O-N-G! Look it up, a-hole.

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