'Smash' recap: The Callback

Well that was quick. In the second episode of "Smash," Ivy Lynn lands the role of Marilyn. Her years of hard work, perseverance and dedication finally pay off when sleeps with the director. Yes, we know, so cliché. Poor Karen loses out because of her morals and lack of confidence. At least she has Dev to lean on, but maybe not forever. We see the first signs of a rift in their relationship when Dev finds out she went to Derek’s apartment for the late night callback. Karen also shows up late for a work-related event, she promised Dev she would attend. He ends up being the only one at the fancy affair without a plus one, threatening his chances for promotion.
There’s also relationship drama with Frank and Julia when they realize just how long it will take for them to adopt. Frank is having second thoughts and wants to go back to his job as a science teacher. Science teacher? Now, we’re really confused as to how they’re able to afford that remodeled brownstone. We’re also not buying the fact that their teenage son would be so distraught over the possibility his parents may not go through with the adoption.  

“My sister is waiting for us in China. What’s going to happen to her if we don’t go get her?” Blah.
Thank goodness for the musical numbers. The original songs and choreography are a delight to watch. The acting is great, but the predictability of"Smash" is what’s hurting it. Although Karen missed out on the lead role in this episode, we’re pretty sure she’s not out for good. Eileen and Julia are still rooting for Team Karen and despite her annoying naiveté, so are we.

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