New Year's Eve events in the Baltimore area

Greeting the new year Baltimore-style is a joyful thing, filled with music and dancing, champagne toasts and elaborate buffets, and, of course, fireworks. From the Inner Harbor to Annapolis, from BWI-Marshall Airport to National Harbor and all points in between, venues are revving up their celebrations.

There's something to please everyone, from the kid who has to be in bed well before the new year arrives, to adults looking for a little glamour with their partying.

Here's a sampling of what the area has to offer a newly born 2017.

The list is by no means exhaustive; just about every neighborhood offers some sort of celebration Dec. 31. But at the very least, if offers suggestions for how to wish the old year good riddance, whether you're looking to spend a little money or a lot, whether you're celebrating with the family or with a roomful of friends never straying far from an open bar, whether you're a traditionalist or eager for something different.

So let's party like it's 2016. (All events take place on Dec. 31 unless otherwise noted.)

Chris Kaltenbach
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