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Who cares who directs the new Superman movie?

Baltimore Sun reporter

From the blog Michael Sragow Gets Reel:

Although the Internet was abuzz with rumors that Darren Aronofsky, director of "The Wrestler" and "The Black Swan," would direct the forthcoming " Superman: Man of Steel," I'm more concerned about the concept and the script. Christopher Nolan is producing the film and sharing a story credit for the screenplay.

Is he trying to apply the same dark palette to the Man of Tomorrow that Nolan did to the Caped Crusader in "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight?" (Is Nolan hoping to make some future "World's Finest" team-up more feasible?)

If so, I'm not sanguine about the prospects.

Wasn't part of the problem with "Superman Returns" that it was so self-serious -- The Passion of the Christ from Krypton?

If you want to talk directors: For my money, "Superman: Man of Steel" could use the guiding intelligence of a filmmaker who can blend fantasy and comedy and give it a visceral edge, like Joe Dante in the best parts of the "Gremlins" films (I think "Gremlins 2" is a comic masterpiece). And it could use the kind of seriocomic writing delivered to Dante's terrific political zombie movie, "Homecoming," by Sam Hamm. Of course, Hamm also wrote Tim Burton's "Batman," which, in its first half, ranks with the most genuinely comic-booky of all comic-book films, right up there with "Superman II" (an ideal model for "Superman" filmmakers).

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