Tweet Jimmy Fallon during the Emmys: NBC looking to get awards interactive

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From the Z on TV blog:

NBC is promising to break some new ground with a more interactive Emmy telecast Sunday night, and I am eager to see how it goes.

There are two aspects the network is trumpeting: Host Jimmy Fallon fielding tweets from viewers during the telecast, and the network streaming a "backstage" webcast using seven cameras to give viewers a look at what is happening behind the scenes with winners, losers, presenters and some of the production aspects of the show.

The Twitter stuff sounds a little gimmicky, but maybe that's me. But the live stream "backstage" webcast, that I like a lot. And I would probably be watching exclusively online if I didn't have to write about the telecast.

Here's the NBC release on how to tweet.

In an industry first, NBC viewers will have a chance to tweet their suggested on-camera introductions of celebrity presenters at the Primetime Emmys to Jimmy Fallon when the late-night show star hosts NBC’s live broadcast of "The 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards" on Sunday, August 29 (8-11 p.m. ET; 5-8 p.m. PT). will showcase several Twitter-related features for television’s biggest night as fans can submit a suggested introduction that Fallon (host of NBC’s "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon") will choose to use on-air when he announces the stars who dramatically open the envelopes and present the awards live on stage.

"You can tweet something from your living room and five minutes later it’ll be on TV," said Jimmy. "We’ve done this on our show before and it’s a lot of fun."

Jimmy and staff will be reading and choosing tweets right up to the beginning of the Primetime Emmy Awards and will continue the selection during the broadcast.

To submit, Twitter users should tweet their suggestions using the hash tag "#imontheemmys" or visit HTTP://WWW.NBC.COM/IMONTHEEMMYS/. While on site fans can also check out earlier fan submissions as well as a list of presenters.

In addition, will collect nominees’ tweets and put them all in one convenient location. Whether before, during, or after the broadcast, visitors can follow the nominees on the site to find the real, raw reactions from their favorite stars on HTTP://WWW.NBC.COM/EMMYS/.

And because the whole "Twitterverse" will be buzzing on the broadcast day, fans who want to be part of the conversation can participate by using the hash tag "#emmys10." In order to enhance the Emmy experience, viewers can watch on NBC and also multi-task by following the show with live tweets from HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/NBCEMMYS.  


Fans can sign in to Twitter while on HTTP://WWW.NBC.COM/IMONTHEEMMYS/. After clicking on the presenter's name, users simply type in their submission -- such as "Jon Hamm is the handsomest guy of all time. #imontheemmys" -- and then click "Tweet" to enter.

Participants will notice "#imontheemmys" included in their tweets. They should not delete this "hash tag" on Twitter. It allows for groups of tweets with the same hash tag to be viewed as a list and will ensure that Jimmy and his team will see the entry.

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