Local DJ named in drug ring complaint

Baltimore Sun reporter

From the Midnight Sun blog:

Darrin Ebron, a Baltimore DJ with tenuous Hollywood connections (he once played Eddie Murphy's wedding!) has been named in a federal complaint as part of a drug ring that transported hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Los Angeles to Baltimore.

In the complaint, which the Washington Times reported Tuesday, Ebron is accused of conspiring with eight other men to transport 100-plus pound loads of cocaine in private planes, which sometimes carried loads totaling as much as $1.2 million at a time.

The complaint says Drug Enforcement Agency agents heard Ebron and an associate discuss a purchase for which the DJ would owe $900,000. Later, he was spotted at Los Angeles' Jerry's Famous Deli discussing another shipment worth $50,000.

Ebron, who has not been located, is feared to be a flight risk, and federal agents have requested his detention.

Though he is described lavishly on his website - it says he "was trained in four instruments" and worked at major record labels, "from BadBoy [sic], Def Jam Rocafella [sic]" - Ebron has no paper trail. He's never appeared on the pages of Baltimore City Paper or The Sun despite having grown up here and playing "at events which grew to several thousand people."

(I've put out calls to several established local DJs - Ultra, BooMan - but haven't heard to see if any of them have heard of Ebron.)(The Washington Times reports he was an independent contractor for Edmonds Entertainment; his website lists him as a vice president of marketing.)

Whether or not he was a successful DJ, you can still purchase his music on his website. "One hundred percent of proceeds," it says, "will be donated to UNICEF for relief efforts in Haiti."

In addition to being a DJ, Ebron runs a "casual luxury" clothing company called Goodlife American Clothing that sells $50-64 t-shirts.

Ebron's website, which name-checks Tibetan Buddhism and personal healers, describes the Goodlife lifestyle thusly: "At Goodlife, a positive synergy between our corporate, creative, sales and retail partners permeates everything we do. We also believe in giving back—and contribute a portion of our online sales to our favorite charity partners."

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