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Sun coverage: Halloween central

  • Halloween extras
    Halloween extras

    ++++++++++++++++++++ || Halloween information || || || || Reader photos •  Halloween costumes •  Pets in costumes || || Get in the spirit • Spooky events: Search for Halloween happenings in the area • Pumpkin recipes: Don't just carve a face in it this year. ||...

  • Ravens give Freddy a big claws-up

    'Elm Street' is players' favorite horror address

  • Tales from the crypt

    Turn on the lights, lock the door, check under the bed and get ready for these ghostly tales from our archives.

  • History of Halloween
    History of Halloween

    Did you know that Halloween is the U.S.'s second most commercial holiday? Seems hard to believe, but when you consider all the bags of candy, costumes, accessories and decorations bought every year, you can see why.

  • Liquor treat

    This Halloween, scare up some creepy concoctions and devilish drinks.